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UN backs fresh sanctions over N. Korea missile tests
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  North Korea missile test: US seeks Security Council meeting  The US has sought an urgent meeting of the UN Security Council to discuss North Korea's new missile provocation   N Korea missile: US says it will use military force 'if we must'
  UN draft resolution on Syria attack: Vote fails with Russia veto

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  A vote by the U.N. Security council on a draft resolution to condemn the chemical weapon attack in Syria failed, but China abstained

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  US ambassador Nikki Haley has said it will use its 'considerable military forces' on North Korea 'if we must', following Tuesday's long-range missile test

August 2017 ... more > Top ^
  A resolution banning North Korean exports and limiting investments in the country was passed unanimously

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Sep.3   Security Council calls emergency meeting after North Korea claims hydrogen bomb
  The U.S. and other partner countries Sunday called for an emergency meeting of the United Nations Security Council Sep.4     Korea nuclear crisis: US seeks tough UN approach   The US envoy to the UN has urged the Security Council to take the 'strongest possible measures' against North Korea after its nuclear test Sep.11   UN approves new sanctions against North Korea
  A weakened resolution that won’t ban oil imports or an international asset freeze on the government or dictator Kim Jong Un,

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Nov.17     Russia again blocks extension of chemical attacks probe
  Russia has cast a second veto to block a resolution that would have extended an international inquiry into chemical weapons attacks in Syria Nov.29     US urges all nations to cut ties with Pyongyang
  The US has urged 'all nations' to cut diplomatic and trade ties with North Korea after the country's latest ballistic missile test

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