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B. 06-30 Mass political protests grip Egypt Cairo
C. 06-30 Obama 'humbled' to see Mandela cell Cape Town
D. 06-30 Rosberg wins British GP Northamptonshire, England
E. 06-30 Saudis jail Facebook cyber activists Saudi Arabia
F. 06-30 Mid-East talks 'within reach' - US Tel Aviv
6. 06-30 Uganda tanker fire kills 29 people Kampala, Uganda
06-30 Croatia becomes 28th member of European Union Croatia
I. 06-30 New Brazil marches ahead of final
9. 06-30 At least 20 feared dead after minibus veers off bridge in Benin Porto-Novo, Benin


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Morning News

Jun.30   Cairo   Mass political protests grip Egypt Map of Cairo  Mass protests calling for the resignation of President Mohammed Morsi and early presidential elections are gripping the capital and other cities

  Cape Town Obama 'humbled' to see Mandela cell  US President Barack Obama has toured Robben Island - the jail in which Nelson Mandela was kept for 18 years

  England Rosberg wins British GP  British home hope and Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton lost the lead when his left-rear tire began to unravel on the eighth lap

  Saudi Arabia Saudis jail Facebook cyber activists  A court in Saudi Arabia has sentenced seven cyber activists to between five to 10 years in prison for inciting protests, mainly by using Facebook

  Tel Aviv Mid-East talks 'within reach' - US  The US secretary of state has said final-status Israeli-Palestinian peace negotiations could be 'within reach... with a little more work'

  Uganda Uganda tanker fire kills 29 people  At least 29 people have been killed in the Ugandan capital after a car crashed into a fuel tanker, police say

Day News

  Croatia     Croatia becomes 28th member of European Union
  A major milestone some 20 years after the small country won independence in a bloody civil war that shook the continent

  Rio de Janeiro New Brazil marches ahead of final  Protests have resumed in Brazil ahead of the Confederations Cup final between the host nation and Spain

  Benin At least 20 feared dead after minibus veers off bridge in Benin  According to witnesses, the bus fell into the water Sunday after the driver tried to overtake another vehicle on the bridge

Evening News

  Arizona   19 Firefighters die in Arizona wildfire
Map of Yarnell Arizona
  At least 19 US firefighters have been killed battling a wildfire in central Arizona while fighting the blaze threatening the town of Yarnell
 Officials said 22 additional firefighters had been injured battling the blaze. Eight of those injured had been transported to the hospital

  Cairo     Egypt protesters gather to call for Morsi's ouster
Map of presidential palace Egypt
  Massive crowds thronged the streets of Cairo and cities and marched on the presidential palace in a tide of people that filled a broad avenue

  Rio de Janeiro   Brazil lift Confederations Cup
Map of Maracana Rio de Janeiro Brazil
  Hosts enjoyed a triumphant finale to the troubled Confederations Cup with a 3-0 defeat of world champions Spain in the Maracana Sunday

  Thailand Oil falls toward $96 as China factories slow  The price of oil fell toward $96 a barrel Monday as weak Chinese manufacturing raised the prospect of subdued demand

  United Kingdom New bugging claims made against US  France, Greece and Italy have been the 'targets' of US spying operations, according to the latest files leaked to Britain's Guardian newspaper

  India 'Thousands missing' in India floods  Nearly 3,000 people are still missing following floods and landslides which hit India's Uttarakhand state a fortnight ago

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