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B. 06-17 Mayor of Montreal arrested Quebec, Montreal
C. 06-17 Newly-elected Iranian president urges 'path of moderation' Tehran
D. 06-17 Apple discloses US data requests San Francisco Bay Area
E. 06-17 Turkish government 'may use army' Turkey
5. 06-17 Man survives 15th floor fall in NZ Auckland, New Zealand
6. 06-17 North India monsoon rains 'kill 19' Uttarakhand, India
06-17 Protests spread throughout Brazil Sao Paulo
I. 06-17 Obama and Putin push Syria G8 summit Northern Ireland
9. 06-17 Fox News sued over on-air suicide Arizona


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Morning News

Jun.17   Montreal   Mayor of Montreal arrested
Map of Quebec Canada
  A spokeswoman for Quebec's anti-corruption unit says Montreal Mayor Michael Applebaum has been arrested

  Tehran   Newly-elected Iranian president urges 'path of moderation' Map of Tehran  Hasan Rowhani pledged Monday to follow a 'path of moderation' and promised greater openness over the country's nuclear program

  San Francisco Bay Area Apple discloses US data requests  Apple is the latest tech firm to publish details of data requests from the US authorities

  Turkey Turkish government 'may use army'  The Turkish government has said it could use the army to end nearly three weeks of unrest by protesters in Istanbul and other cities

  New Zealand Man survives 15th floor fall in NZ  British man Tom Stilwell has survived a fall from the 15th floor of a building in New Zealand, local media report

  India North India monsoon rains 'kill 19'  At least 19 people have died in floods and heavy rain in northern India. Fifteen people were killed in Uttarakhand state

Day News

  Sao Paulo   Protests spread throughout Brazil
  Tens of thousands of people marched through Sao Paulo, as protests spread over rising transport prices and the cost of staging the World Cup

  Northern Ireland     Obama and Putin push Syria G8 summit
  The US and Russian presidents have acknowledged they have a widely different stance on Syria, but did agree to push for a summit in Geneva

  Arizona Fox News sued over on-air suicide  The mother of three children of a man whose suicide was broadcast live on Fox News has sued the network, claiming infliction of emotional distress

  Hong Kong Snowden stands by leak allegations  The former intelligence contractor who leaked documents on US surveillance programs has defended himself in an online chat, the Guardian reports

  Iran Iran winner vows nuclear openness  Iran is ready to show more transparency on its nuclear programme, says President-elect Hassan Rouhani

  Greece Greek court orders TV back on air  A court has ordered that state broadcaster ERT, which was shut down by the government last week, can resume transmissions

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