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Business Main Event: Iran's leader jabs US a...
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06-14 Iran's leader jabs US as presidential vote begins Iran
C. 06-14 Syria condemns chemical weapon 'lie' Syria
3. 06-14 Yahoo patents 'social-influence' ads San Francisco Bay Area
E. 06-14 Snowden 'banned from flying to UK' London
5. 06-14 DJ fired for gay question to PM Australia
G. 06-14 Turkey puts park project on hold Turkey
H. 06-14 Miami sports bar deck collapses Miami
I. 06-14 Presidential polls close in Iran Iran
9. 06-14 IMF: US budget cuts 'ill-designed' USA


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Morning News

Jun.14   Iran   Iran's leader jabs US as presidential vote begins
  The balloting kicked off with Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei delivering a rebuke to U.S. questions over the openness of the presidential contest

  Syria     Syria condemns chemical weapon 'lie'   Syria has dismissed as 'a caravan of lies' claims it used chemical weapons after the US said it would give the rebels 'direct military aid'

  San Francisco Bay Area Yahoo patents 'social-influence' ads  Yahoo has published a patent detailing how ad charges could be based on a viewer's 'social influence'

  London Snowden 'banned from flying to UK'  The UK government has warned airlines not to allow an ex-CIA employee who leaked secret US surveillance details to fly to the UK, according to reports

  Australia DJ fired for gay question to PM  Howard Sattler, a radio presenter, has been sacked in Australia for asking Prime Minister Julia Gillard in a live interview if her partner is gay

  Turkey Turkey puts park project on hold  The Turkish government says it has agreed to suspend redevelopment plans for an Istanbul park until a court ruling, after talks with protesters

  Miami Miami sports bar deck collapses  Two people were in a serious condition after the outdoor deck of a sports bar collapsed during the televised NBA finals, US police said

Day News

  Iran     Presidential polls close in Iran   Interior Ministry says voting in the presidential election has ended across the country. Iranians had waited on line for hours in wilting heat

  USA IMF: US budget cuts 'ill-designed'  The International Monetary Fund has urged the US to repeal the huge federal budget cuts introduced this year

  Texas Fort Hood defence argument rejected  A US military judge has ruled an Army psychiatrist Nidal Hasan, accused of the 2009 massacre cannot claim he killed to protect Taliban leaders

Evening News

  Tehran   Early vote count in Iran gives Rowhani wide lead Map of Tehran
  Reformist-backed presidential candidate surged to a wide lead in early vote counting, suggesting late support could have swayed a race

  San Francisco Bay Area Facebook reveals US data requests  Facebook received 9,000-10,000 requests for user data from US government entities in the second half of 2012

  Ecuador Ecuador MPs approve media curbs  Ecuador's National Assembly has passed a controversial bill creating a media watchdog and redistributing radio and television frequencies

  New Zealand Google beams internet from balloons  Google is launching balloons into near space to provide internet access to buildings below on the ground

  Detroit Detroit defaults on some debts  The city's financial manager he set out a proposal to creditors that would see them take a drastic cut on the money they are owed

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