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Rescuers save a newborn from sewer pipe in China Map of Zhejiang China
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Sichuan Spy Plane
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Rescue Main Event: Earthquake has killed mor...
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B. 01-07 Chinese journalists in rare protest against censorship Guangzhou, Southern China
C. 01-12 China landslide death toll rises At least 46 people, including children, are now known to have been killed by a landslide in China's southern Yunnan, Southern China
D. 03-01 China to execute drug gang over massacre Yunnan, Southern China
E. 04-03 China reports 4 more cases of unusual bird flu Zhejiang, Southern China
F. 04-19 At least 41 dead after earthquake strikes Sichuan region
04-20 Earthquake has killed more than 150 people
7. 04-20 China battles to bring quake aid
8. 04-21 Chinese teams reach quake-hit region
9. 04-22 China quake rescuers blast roads

China battles to bring quake aid Map of Lushan Sichuan China  Rescue teams are struggling to reach survivors of a powerful 6.6-magnitude earthquake in remote hill villages, with debris blocking roads Chinese teams reach quake-hit region Map of Baoxing County Sichuan China  Chinese rescue teams have reached some of the most remote areas of Sichuan province hit by Saturday's powerful earthquake China quake rescuers blast roads China coal mine explosion kills 12 China colliery blast kills 27 miners Map of Luzhou China  An explosion at a coal mine in China's south-west Sichuan province has killed at least 27 people, state media report Men detained after taking 6 schoolgirls to hotel More rain forecast after deadly storms hit China Southern China rains kill 55, leave 14 missing Map of Guangdong China
Chinese journalists in rare protest against censorship   Crowds gathered at the headquarters of the Southern Weekly, in support of a rare protest by journalists against alleged government censorshi... China landslide death toll rises China to execute drug gang over massacre China reports 4 more cases of unusual bird flu At least 41 dead after earthquake strikes Sichuan region Map of Lushan Sichuan China  A powerful earthquake jolted near where a devastating quake struck five years ago, leaving at least 41 dead and more than 600 injured Earthquake has killed more than 150 people Map of Lushan Sichuan China

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April 2013 ... more > Top ^
  A powerful 6.6-magnitude earthquake has killed more than 150 people and injured several thousand in China's rural south west

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  Guangdong province has been hit the hardest, with 36 deaths and 10 missing people, followed by Jiangxi province
  Chinese state media say firefighters and medics have rescued a newborn boy from a sewer pipe below a squat toilet
May.29 Chinese baby in pipe 'accidental'

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Jun.7   Dozens dead in China bus fire
Map of Xiamen Fujian China
  At least 47 people have died in the Chinese city of Xiamen following a bus fire, according to state media
Jun.8 'Suicidal' man caused China bus fire

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Jul.10   China landslide 'buries up to 40'   A landslide has buried between 30 and 40 people in China's Sichuan province, state media say Jul.13 China evacuations as typhoon hits
Jul.14 Typhoon Soulik kills three in China

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Aug.30 Girl, 4, crushed by bulldozer in China
At least 3 reportedly killed after earthquake

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Sep.4 Man 'drowned by China investigators'
Sep.9 China school blast leaves two dead Sep.23     Typhoon Usagi hits southern China, killing at least 25   Bringing strong winds and heavy rain, Usagi forced the relocation of hundreds of thousands of people, the cancellation of hundreds of flight... Sep.29     China says 75 missing in typhoon; Vietnam prepares   Tens of thousands of people were being evacuated from high-risk areas in central Vietnam as a typhoon sank at least two Chinese fishing ship...

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Oct.1     58 fishermen still missing after typhoon   Chinese rescuers on Tuesday found 14 fishermen alive and recovered the bodies of two who had died from boats that sank during a typhoon Oct.6     China evacuates 417,000 people ahead of typhoon
Map of Zhejiang China  Hundreds of thousands of people in southeast China were evacuated and fishing vessels called back to shore because of an approaching typhoon   Powerful typhoon hits eastern China   Powerful Typhoon Fitow has made landfall in eastern China after triggering the evacuation of hundreds of thousands of people Oct.7   Typhoon Fitow kills five in China Map of Fujian China
  Powerful Typhoon Fitow flattened houses, flooded villages and farms, and affected more than 4.5m people
Oct.23   China wall collapse kills children   Two Chinese children were killed and four others injured when a wall at their school collapsed on top of them Oct.24   Newspaper makes bold front-page plea for journalist's release   'Please set him free' read the plea in stark black print on the front page of the New Express newspaper Oct.27   China anti-corruption trio on trial   China has put three anti-corruption campaigners on trial, in what is being seen as part of a crackdown on activists under President Xi Jinpi...

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Nov.1   China's fireworks factory blast kills 11   An explosion killed 11 workers and injured 17 others. Most of the victims were female workers who were assembling fuses for firecrackers Nov.10     Vietnam, Southern China brace for typhoon landfall   Northern coastal areas of Vietnam and parts of southern China are bracing for the landfall of Typhoon Haiyan, which killed thousands in the ... Nov.24 Boxing: Pacquiao on comeback trail

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Dec.10     Market fire in China's Shenzhen kills 16
Map of Shenzhen China  A fire in a farmers' fruit market in south China's Shenzhen has killed at least 16 people and injured at least three, officials say Dec.18   China confirms US warship incident   China says one of its warships 'encountered' a US vessel. The US said its guided missile cruiser USS Cowpens was forced to take evasive acti...

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