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Turkey assesses protest damage   Turkish police have arrested more than 900 people during two days of protests, the most sustained anti-government outburst for years Protesters hold Istanbul square after clashes Map of Taksim Square Turkey
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Turkey braces for fresh protests   Turkey is braced for a second day of protests after clashes between police and demonstrators left dozens of people injured in Istanbul on Fr... Protesters pack Istanbul square Map of Taksim Square Turkey  Police in the Turkish city of Istanbul have pulled out of Taksim Square which has become the focus of the largest anti-government protest in years Park protests spread across Turkey Map of Ankara Turkey
Missing American found dead  The family of Sarai Sierra who went missing in Istanbul nearly two weeks ago is in mourning after learning that Turkish police found her bod... Turkish police identify suspect in U.S. woman's death Syrian opposition names rival PM Police tear-gas protesters

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  A district court has agreed to hear a case against the rebuilding of historic barracks -- a project that has been one of the catalysts for days of protests

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  Police have clashed with protesters in the capital and in Istanbul, on the 2nd day of unrest sparked by plans to build a shopping centre on a city park
  Demonstrators remained in control of Taksim Square after Turkish security forces abandoned the district following 36 hours of vicious clashes
Jun.4   Turkey protests resume after apology  Police in the Turkish city of Istanbul have used tear gas and water cannon against protesters in a fifth night of anti-government demonstrations Jun.6     Park plans at center of protests will go forward, PM says   Erdogan suggested that his government would press ahead with park redevelopment plans for Istanbul, despite of ongoing anti-government protests Jun.7 Turkey protests: Erdogan rejects EU criticism Jun.10   Riot police enter Taksim Square Map of Taksim Square Istanbul Turkey  Turkish riot police have entered Istanbul's Taksim Square, where anti-government protesters have been staging demonstrations for close to two weeks Jun.11   Tear gas clouds fill Taksim Square Map of Taksim Square Istanbul Turkey
  The square and park erupted in chorus, with tear gas canisters and water cannons from police met by firework and defiant chanting from protesters
  Clashes continue despite PM's warning   Turkish riot police have used tear gas to disperse thousands of anti-government demonstrators who gathered on Taksim, after a day of sporadic... Jun.12   Turkey's protest leaders bail out of talks Map of Gezi Park Turkey  Protest leaders are saying the previous night's violence in Istanbul's Taksim Square and Gezi Park showed talks would be fruitless   Turkey 'may hold referendum on park' Map of Gezi Park Turkey  The deputy chairman of ruling AK party says it is open to the idea of a referendum on controversial plans to redevelop Istanbul's Gezi Park Jun.13   Gezi Park reeks, Turkish prime minister says   Turkey's prime minister called on protesters camped out in Istanbul's Gezi Park to pack up and leave: '"We are running out of patience' Jun.14 Turkey puts park project on hold Jun.15     Erdogan in new Gezi Park protest warning   Turkish PM Recep Tayyip Erdogan has warned protesters occupying Istanbul's Gezi Park to evacuate it before a rally of his ruling AK party   Police clear Istanbul's Gezi Park Map of Gezi Park Istanbul Turkey
  Riot police have moved to clear the protest camp in Istanbul's Gezi Park, using tear gas and water cannon
  Istanbul protesters defy police   Protesters have clashed with Turkish police in Istanbul, after riot squads used tear gas and water cannon to eject demonstrators from Gezi P... Jun.16     Fresh violence as PM Erdogan holds rally   Fresh unrest has erupted in Ankara and Istanbul, with police firing tear gas and water cannon amid continuing anti-government protests Jun.29   Thousands hold anti-government demo in Istanbul   Thousands gathered in Istanbul's Taksim Square on Saturday to protest against the harsh police treatment of demonstrators

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Aug.5   Turkish general jailed over 'plot'  Former armed forces chief Ilker Basbug has been jailed for life for plotting to overthrow the government, after five years of trials

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Sep.7     Cities in final bid for 2020 Olympics   Madrid, Istanbul and Tokyo bidding to host the Olympics and Paralympics are revealing their presentations

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Oct.28   Bosphorus tunnel to join continents   A railway tunnel underneath the Bosphorus Strait is due to open in Turkey, creating a new link between the Asian and European shores

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1. 02-04 Missing American found dead Istanbul
2. 02-22 Turkish police identify suspect in U.S. woman's death Istanbul
D. 03-18 Syrian opposition names rival PM Istanbul
05-31 Police tear-gas protesters Istanbul
F. 05-31 Turkey braces for fresh protests Istanbul
G. 06-01 Protesters pack Istanbul square Taksim Square, Istanbul
H. 06-01 Park protests spread across Turkey Ankara, Turkey
I. 06-01 Turkey assesses protest damage Ankara, Turkey
J. 06-02 Protesters hold Istanbul square after clashes Taksim Square, Istanbul

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