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Disasters Main Event: Deadly earthquake hits...
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05-29 Deadly earthquake hits northern Italy Modena, Northern Italy
C. 05-29 Syrian diplomats to be expelled European Union
D. 05-29 Official: 160 girls poisoned at Afghan school Takhar, Northern Afghanistan
E. 05-29 Syria at 'tipping point', says UN envoy Annan Syria
5. 05-29 Searchers sift rubble in Italy Emilia Romagna, Northern Italy
G. 05-29 Ukraine 'should host Euro 2012' Ukraine
7. 05-29 Parents detained over fire deaths Derby, Northern England


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Morning News

May.29   Northern Italy   Deadly earthquake hits northern Italy Map of Modena Italy
  At least 12 people were killed in a 5.8-magnitude earthquake, nine days after a 6.0-magnitude quake in the same region killed seven people
 Tuesday's quake was followed by dozens of aftershocks

  European Union     Syrian diplomats to be expelled  Major Western powers say they are expelling senior Syrian diplomats following the killing of 108 people in the Houla region of Syria

Day News

  Texas     Romney clinches Republican nomination  Mitt Romney has won the Republican presidential primary in Texas and the remaining delegates needed to secure the party's nomination

  Northern Afghanistan Official: 160 girls poisoned at Afghan school  A hospital in northern Afghanistan admitted 160 schoolgirls after they were poisoned. Their classrooms might have been sprayed with a toxic material

  Syria Syria at 'tipping point', says UN envoy Annan  UN-Arab League envoy to Syria Kofi Annan has said the country has reached a 'tipping point' after more than a year of conflict

  Northern Italy Searchers sift rubble in Italy  Rescuers in northern Italy are continuing to comb through the rubble for more survivors after a strong earthquake killed at least 16 people

Evening News

  Ukraine Ukraine 'should host Euro 2012'  Eugenia Tymoshenko, daughter of jailed opposition leader Yulia Tymoshenko, said the football tournament should go ahead in the country as planned

  Northern England Parents detained over fire deaths  The mother and father of six children who died in a house fire in Derby are continuing to be held on suspicion of murder

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