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05-22 Launch success for SpaceX mission Cape Canaveral, Florida
C. 05-22 Anger over 'Reagan blood' auction U.S. President
D. 05-22 Ten jailed for Nevsky Express train bomb Tver, Russia
E. 05-22 25 dead, 55 injured after train crash in India Penukonda, Andhra Pradesh, Southern India
5. 05-22 Concerns grow over Facebook deal San Francisco Bay Area
G. 05-22 Montreal marks 100-day protest Montreal
H. 05-22 Egypt gears up for landmark vote Egypt
I. 05-22 Miners trapped in Zimbabwean platinum mine Mimosa, Zimbabwe
9. 05-22 East Asia 'vulnerable to euro crisis' Global


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Morning News

May.22   Florida   Launch success for SpaceX mission Map of Cape Canaveral Florida
  California's SpaceX has launched on a mission to re-supply the space station - the first cargo delivery to the orbiting outpost by a private company
 Falcon rocket, topped by an unmanned Dragon freight capsule, lifted clear of its Florida pad at 03:44 EDT

  U.S. President Anger over 'Reagan blood' auction  The foundation of Ronald Reagan has expressed outrage after a vial said to have held a sample of his blood was put on sale in an online auction

  Russia Ten jailed for Nevsky Express train bomb  A Russian court has jailed 10 people, four of them for life, for the bombing of a high-speed train in November 2009 in which 27 people died

  Southern India 25 dead, 55 injured after train crash in India  The Hampi Express passenger train crashed into a stationary goods train in Penukonda, in the southern state of Andhra Pradesh

Day News

  San Francisco Bay Area   Concerns grow over Facebook deal  Facebook's flotation has run into more controversy amid reports of concerns about the way advisers disclosed information to investors

  Montreal Montreal marks 100-day protest  Tens of thousands of demonstrators have filled the streets to mark 100 days since protests began against a planned rise in student tuition fees

  Egypt Egypt gears up for landmark vote  Egyptians are preparing to head to the polls in their first free presidential election, 15 months after ousting Hosni Mubarak in the Arab Spring uprising

  Zimbabwe Miners trapped in Zimbabwean platinum mine  Workers trapped by a fire overnight in a platinum mine in southern Zimbabwe are being brought to the surface

Evening News

  Global East Asia 'vulnerable to euro crisis'  The eurozone debt crisis could harm the growth of East Asian economies, the World Bank has warned

  Argentina Bomb 'targets Colombia ex-leader'  Officials in Argentina say they have found explosives at a theatre, where former Colombian President Alvaro Uribe was due to make a speech

  Arizona Kings edge Coyotes 4-3 In OT  Penner scored 17:42 and Los Angeles are headed to the Stanley Cup finals for the second time as a franchise after beating Phoenix

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