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Sports Main Event: Poland suffers deadly tra...
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B. 03-03 US clears up after tornado havoc Indiana
2. 03-03 Brazil to boycott FIFA official Brazil
D. 03-03 New Homs delay for Red Cross aid Homs, Syria
4. 03-03 Wladimir Klitschko stops Mormeck to retain titles DUESSELDORF, Ruhr
5. 03-03 Fabulous Federer wins in Dubai Dubai
03-03 Poland suffers deadly train crash Szczekociny, Poland
H. 03-03 Russian presidential vote begins Russia
I. 03-03 Mitt Romney wins Washington caucuses State of Washington, Washington State


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Morning News

Mar.3   Indiana     US clears up after tornado havoc Map of Indiana  US authorities in 4 states are searching for survivors and clearing damage after a string of storms and tornadoes left at least 31 people dead

  Brazil Brazil to boycott FIFA official  Brazil will no longer deal with the secretary-general of FIFA, following his 'unacceptable' comments about preparations for the 2014 World Cup

  Syria New Homs delay for Red Cross aid  The International Red Cross says Syrian authorities have denied it access to the devastated Baba Amr district of Homs for a second day

Day News

  Ruhr Wladimir Klitschko stops Mormeck to retain titles  Wladimir Klitschko stopped Jean-Marc Mormeck of France in the fourth round of a one-sided fight to retain his WBA and IBF heavyweight titles

  Dubai Fabulous Federer wins in Dubai  The Swiss champion and world No.3 won over Andy Murray in straight sets 7-5 6-4 in one hour 30 minutes to notch up the 72nd title of his career

Evening News

  Poland   Poland suffers deadly train crash
Map of Szczekociny Poland
  Two trains have collided in southern Poland on the Warsaw-Krakow mainline, leaving 15 people dead and 50 hurt

  Russia Russian presidential vote begins  Polling stations in across Russia have opened as the presidential election gets under way. Putin faces four challengers

  Washington State Mitt Romney wins Washington caucuses  Republican presidential candidate Romney has won the party's caucuses in the state of Washington with 36% of the vote

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