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1. 03-10 Assad issues 'terrorism' vow to Annan Syria
C. 03-10 Yemen air strikes 'hit al-Qaeda' Bayda, Yemen
3. 03-10 Lower turnout at anti-Putin rally Moscow
E. 03-10 Islamists al-Shabab ambush Ethiopia troops Gedo, Somalia
F. 03-10 Top skier dies in World Cup event Grindelwald, Switzerland
03-10 Japan marks deadly anniversary Northern Japan
7. 03-10 Santorum sweeps Kansas caucuses Kansas
I. 03-10 Guantanamo Taliban 'accept deal' Guantanamo
J. 03-10 Fatal blasts at Kenya bus station Nairobi, Kenya


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Morning News

Mar.10   Syria     Assad issues 'terrorism' vow to Annan
  President al-Assad has told visiting UN-Arab League envoy that no political dialogue can succeed while 'armed terrorist groups' are operating

  Yemen   Yemen air strikes 'hit al-Qaeda' Map of Bayda Yemen  At least 17 al-Qaeda militants have been killed in air strikes in southern Yemen

  Moscow   Lower turnout at anti-Putin rally  Protests have been held in Russia over Vladimir Putin's presidential election victory but turnout in Moscow was sharply down on earlier rallies

  Somalia Islamists al-Shabab ambush Ethiopia troops  Islamist militant group al-Shabab has ambushed an Ethiopian base in Somalia, with dozens of casualties

  Switzerland Top skier dies in World Cup event  Canadian skier Nick Zoricic, 29, has died after crashing heavily in a World Cup skicross race in Switzerland

Day News

  Northern Japan     Japan marks deadly anniversary
  Japan is set to mark the first anniversary of the devastating earthquake and tsunami which struck the north-eastern coast, killing thousands

  Kansas Santorum sweeps Kansas caucuses  Rick Santorum has won a convincing victory in Kansas in the latest stage in the primaries race to become the US Republican presidential candidate

  Guantanamo Guantanamo Taliban 'accept deal'  5 senior fighters held at Guantanamo Bay have agreed to be moved to custody in Qatar as part of a peace plan, Afghan government officials say

  Kenya Fatal blasts at Kenya bus station  At least four people have been killed and dozens of others injured after a grenade attack on a bus terminal in the Kenyan capital, Nairobi

Evening News

  Kandahar   US soldier kills Afghan civilians
  A US soldier in Afghanistan is reported to have killed a number of Afghan civilians after walking off his base in Kandahar province

  Gaza   Israeli airstrike in Gaza kills 17
  The latest Israeli airstrike in Gaza killed a 12-year-old boy Sunday, bringing the death toll to 17 from two days of bombing

  Syria Annan to renew talks with Assad  UN-Arab League envoy Kofi Annan, on a peace mission to Damascus, is due to hold a second round of talks with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad

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