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Six killed in China knife attack Map of Xinjiang China  Two knife-wielding men have killed at least six people in an attack in China's western Xinjiang region. There were also two blasts China kills two suspects Map of Xinjiang China  Chine police have shot dead two men suspected of mounting a fatal attack in Xinjiang region on the outskirts of the city of Kashgar Race for Himalayan quake rescuers Map of Sikkim India  Rescue efforts are under way across isolated Himalayan regions in India, Nepal and Tibet after a magnitude 6.9 earthquake struck Polio strain spreads to China from Pakistan Map of Xinjiang China  Polio has spread to China for the first time since 1999 after being imported from Pakistan, the World Health Organization (WHO) has confirmed Rocket launches Chinese space lab Map of Jiuquan China
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Crime Main Event: Deadly bomb attack on Chin...
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B. 03-09 Dalai Lama urges China 'freedom' Dharamsala, India
C. 03-10 Dalai Lama to give up political power India
05-12 Deadly bomb attack on China bank Gansu, Tibet
E. 07-15 China demands Dalai Lama snub Beijing
5. 07-30 Six killed in China knife attack Xinjiang, Western China
6. 08-01 China kills two suspects Xinjiang, Western China
H. 09-19 Race for Himalayan quake rescuers Sikkim, North East India
I. 09-20 Polio strain spreads to China from Pakistan Xinjiang, Western China

  China demands Dalai Lama snub  China has complained about President Obama's scheduled meeting with exiled Tibetan spiritual leader, the Dalai Lama   Obama met with Dalai Lama
  Dalai Lama urges China 'freedom'   The Dalai Lama has called on China's leaders to show greater transparency, in a speech marking the anniversary of the Tibetan uprising   Dalai Lama to give up political power  The Dalai Lama announced his plan to retire as political head of the Tibetan exile movement Deadly bomb attack on China bank Map of Gansu China

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  A petrol bomb attack on a bank has caused 'significant deaths and injuries', in Gansu province, while a staff meeting was taking place

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  China spoke out strongly against a meeting between U.S. President and the Dalai Lama, saying it 'hurt the feelings of the Chinese people'

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  A rocket carrying China's first space laboratory, Tiangong-1, has launched from the north of the country

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Oct.17   Tibetan nun dies setting herself ablaze
  A nun has died after setting herself on fire in southwestern China, the first Tibetan woman known to have killed herself in this way

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Nov.4   Second Tibetan nun burns to death
  A Buddhist nun in southwest China has died after setting herself on fire, the 11th Tibetan -- and second nun -- to self-immolate since March Nov.16   China school bus crash kills 20
Map of Gansu China  Eighteen children and two adults died after an overloaded school bus collided with a coal truck

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Dec.28   Chinese police kill Uighurs in rescue
Map of Xinjiang China
  The Chinese police have killed seven members of the Uighur ethnic group in the restive western region of Xinjiang in order to free two hostages

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