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Palestinian 'kills five Israelis' Map of Nablus Israel
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B. 01-23 Palestinian peace 'offers' leaked West Bank
C. 02-12 Chief Palestinian negotiator steps down West Bank
D. 02-13 Palestinian cabinet 'to resign' West Bank
4. 03-11 Palestinian 'kills five Israelis' Nablus, West Bank
F. 03-13 Israel approves new settler homes Jerusalem
04-27 Hamas, Fatah reach deal for government West Bank
H. 05-04 Palestinian factions adopt reconciliation Gaza
8. 05-21 Discovery leads to 'honor killing' outrage West Bank

Chief Palestinian negotiator steps down  Saeb Erakat did so because he felt responsible that documents were stolen from his office but not because of how peace talks have unfolded Palestinian cabinet 'to resign'  Palestinian ministers are due to submit their resignations on Monday as part of a cabinet reshuffle   U.S. vetoes resolution on settlements
Palestinian peace 'offers' leaked

January 2011 ... more > Top ^
  Leaked documents released by al-Jazeera suggest Palestinian negotiators agreed to Israel keeping large parts of occupied East Jerusalem

February 2011 ... more > Top ^
  The United States vetoed Friday a U.N. Security Council resolution that would have declared Israeli settlements in the West Bank illegal

March 2011 ... more > Top ^
  A Palestinian has killed five Israelis in an attack on a Jewish settlement. The five were members of the same family
Mar.13   Israel approves new settler homes  Israel has approved the construction of hundreds of homes for Jewish settlers in the occupied West Bank

April 2011 ... more > Top ^
Apr.27     Hamas, Fatah reach deal for government
  The rival movements announced a deal to form a unity government amid international efforts for statehood advanced by Abbas
 The move comes amid international efforts for statehood advanced by Palestinian President Abbas of Fatah The announcement is occurring against the larger backdrop of uprisings throughout the Arab world

May 2011 ... more > Top ^
May.4   Palestinian factions adopt reconciliation  Thousands turned out to celebrate the formal adoption of a reconciliation agreement between Hamas and Fatah May.21   Discovery leads to 'honor killing' outrage  20-year-old Ayah Baradiyya returns lifeless, wrapped in a blanket in the back of an ambulance, to be buried in the village cemetery

September 2011 ... more > Top ^
Sep.16   Palestinians hint state compromise  The Palestinian Authority's foreign minister said Palestinians will seek full United Nations membership next week in the Security Council     Abbas presses for full U.N. membership
  Palestinian Authority President will pursue a full United Nations membership bid during a speech Friday Sep.25     Abbas returns to hero's welcome
Map of Ramallah Israel  Palestinian President stood before a cheering crowd upon his return from the U.N., where he had launched a bid for Palestinian statehood

October 2011 ... more > Top ^
Oct.18   Mid-East joy at prisoner exchange
  Jubilant crowds in Israel and the Palestinian territories have been celebrating a historic prisoner swap

November 2011 ... more > Top ^
Nov.1   Israel to rush settler expansion
  Israel will speed up Jewish settlement construction in the West Bank and E. Jerusalem and freeze the transfer of funds to the Palestinian Authority

December 2011 ... more > Top ^
Dec.13   Jewish 'terrorists' attack Israeli base
  In an attack around 50 right-wing Israeli extremists infiltrated and attacked the Ephraim Regional Division Headquarters Dec.24   Christmas Mass held in Bethlehem
Map of Bethlehem Israel  Christian pilgrims and tourists from around the world have converged for Christmas. Celebrations culminated in Midnight Mass

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