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King revokes flogging of female driver  King Abdullah has revoked a flogging sentence for a woman who allegedly flouted the strict rules that prohibit women from driving a car Saudis promise 'iron fist' Map of Awamiyya Saudi Arabia  Security forces in eastern Saudi Arabia clashed with armed people provoked by a 'foreign country'. At least 14 people were wounded   US disrupts 'Iranian terror plot'
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Main Event: Saudi police open fire at prote...
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03-10 Saudi police open fire at protest Qatif, Saudi Arabia
C. 11-23 Yemen leader signs deal to quit Saudi Arabia

  Hundreds protest on Saudi 'day of rage'   Hundreds turned out in two cities Friday, though a planned demonstration in the Middle Eastern nation's capital failed to materialize Fatal Karachi attack on Saudi car  Gunmen have opened fire on a car belonging to the Saudi consulate in Karachi, killing one person Woman says she was detained for driving  A 32-year-old Manal al Sharif who has crusaded for women to drive in her country said she was stopped for driving a car   Yemen's Saleh 'in Saudi Arabia Map of Riyadh Saudi Arabia  Yemen's president Ali Abdullah Saleh has flown to Saudi Arabia for medical treatment, a day after he was wounded Yemeni president is 'recovering'  Yemen's President Ali Abdullah Saleh is recovering from surgery in Saudi Arabia to remove shrapnel from his chest Yemen's Saleh 'gravely wounded'  Yemen's President Ali Abdullah Saleh was more seriously injured in a rocket attack on his compound last week than thought Saudi king: Syrian crackdown unjustified  King Abdullah condemned the crackdown on anti-government protesters in Syria on Sunday, saying there is 'no justification for the bloodshed'   Women will be allowed to vote Map of http%3A%2F%2Fwww.bbc.co.uk%2Fnews%2Fbusiness-13928217 Saudi Arabia
S. Arabia sent crashing from Asian Cup Flooding kills 10; 3 missing Tunisia seeks Ben Ali extradition   Saudi Arabia imposes ban on all protests  All protests and marches are to be banned, the interior ministry has announced on state TV   Saudi police open fire at protest Map of Qatif Saudi Arabia

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  Three people were taken to the hospital after Saudi security forces fired on scores of protesters in the city of Qatif

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  King Abdullah: Women in Saudi Arabia will be allowed to vote and run for office in future municipal elections

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  The US says it has broken up a plot by agents linked to Iran to assassinate the Saudi ambassador to Washington using explosives
Oct.17     Iran willing to look at Saudi plot evidence  Iran is willing to look at evidence that an Iranian man plotted to kill Saudi Arabia's ambassador to the U.S., the country's foreign minister...     Ahmadinejad pours scorn on Saudi 'plot'  Iran's president has said US claims of a plot to assassinate a Saudi envoy are as false as its allegations were about WMD in Iraq Oct.21   Saudi Arabian heir to throne dies
  Crown Prince Sultan bin Abdulaziz al Saud was King Abdullah's half brother, first in line to the Saudi throne and minister of defence and aviation
Oct.24     Not guilty plea in Saudi terror plot case  Manssor Arbabsiar, one of two men implicated in an alleged Iranian plot to assassinate Saudi's ambassador, pleaded not guilty in federal cou...

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Nov.6     Millions in Mecca start Hajj pilgrimage  Millions of Muslims from around the world were in the holy city for the annual pilgrimage that every able-bodied Muslim is expected to perfo... Nov.23   Yemen leader signs deal to quit
  Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh has signed a deal, brokered by Yemen's Gulf Arab neighbours, under which he will step down
Nov.30   Saudis accused of new repression  Amnesty International has accused Saudi Arabia of reacting to the Arab Spring by launching a wave of repression

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Dec.13   Saudi woman beheaded for 'witchcraft'   Amina bint Abdel Halim Nassar was executed Monday for having 'committed the practice of witchcraft and sorcery' Dec.19     Twitter gets Saudi cash injection  Saudi billionaire Prince Alwaleed bin Talal's Kingdom Holding Company has announced a $300m investment in social media site Twitter Dec.29   US sells $30bn in jets to Saudis
  The US will send 84 Boeing F-15 jets to its key Middle Eastern ally, and upgrade 70 existing Saudi F-15s

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