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09-26 Rescue capsule arrives at Chile mine Copiapo, Chile
2. 09-26 '50-50' hope for settlement deal Jerusalem
D. 09-26 British national missing in Afghanistan Afghanistan
4. 09-26 Pakistan arms minister quits Quetta, Pakistan
F. 09-26 12 dead in bus crash in Germany Brandenburg, Eastern Germany
6. 09-26 PM urges settlers to show restraint Jerusalem
H. 09-26 Alonso wins in Singapore Singapore
8. 09-26 Jewish boat sets sail to Gaza with aid Gaza
9. 09-26 Worm affects Iran nuclear plant Bushehr, Southern Iran


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Morning News

Sep.26   Chile     Rescue capsule arrives at Chile mine Map of Copiapo Chile
  Rescue workers took delivery of a 420-kilogram (924-pound) cage that is expected to haul 33 trapped miners back to the surface

  Jerusalem   '50-50' hope for settlement deal   Defence Minister Barak has said there is a '50-50' chance of reaching a deal about Israel's settlement moratorium as a partial ban winds down

  Afghanistan British national missing in Afghanistan  A British citizen is missing in Afghanistan, but details about the person and the circumstances of the person's disappearance were unclear

  Pakistan Pakistan arms minister quits  Abdul Qayum Jatoi, the Pakistani minister for defence production, has resigned after criticising the military

Day News

  Eastern Germany   12 dead in bus crash in Germany
Map of Brandenburg Germany
  The bus tried to avoid a vehicle coming onto the motorway. The bus lost control and collided with the column of a bridge

  Jerusalem     PM urges settlers to show restraint   Israel's prime minister Netanyahu has urged Jewish settlers to show restraint, hours before a 10-month ban on construction

  Singapore Alonso wins in Singapore  Fernando Alonso led from start to finish to win a grueling Singapore Grand Prix on Sunday to boost his hopes of a third world title

  Gaza Jewish boat sets sail to Gaza with aid  An aid ship sponsored by Jewish activist organizations around the world set sail from Cyprus to Gaza, despite a blockade to the occupied territory

  Southern Iran Worm affects Iran nuclear plant  A complex computer worm has infected the personal computers of staff at Iran's first nuclear power station

  Mexico Matthew drenches southern Mexico  Matthew weakened to a remnant low Sunday but continued to dump heavy rain over eastern Mexico and Central America

Evening News

  West Bank   Israel's West Bank building freeze expires
  Israeli settlers cheered expiration of a moratorium on building new settlements, as Netanyahu urged Palestinians not to walk away from talks
 Israel's PM urges Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas to continue talks, despite the end of Israel's ban on West Bank construction

  Japan Japan to press China over boats  Japan will ask China to pay for damage to two patrol vessels caused by a collision with a Chinese trawler in disputed waters

  Colombia Santos hails 'beginning of end' for FARC  Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos has hailed the death of a top rebel leader as a 'turning point' in the five-decade anti-guerrilla battle

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