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09-24 Japan frees Chinese boat captain Japan
C. 09-24 Flooding displaces more than 2 million Kano, Northern Nigeria
3. 09-24 Kids build India sports venues New Delhi
E. 09-24 Irish terror threat level raised London
F. 09-24 UN slams security forces over mass rapes North Kivu, Congo
6. 09-24 Obama condemns Ahmadinejad speech Washington
7. 09-24 China demands apology from Japan Beijing
I. 09-24 Games head says more work needed New Delhi
J. 09-24 Storm Matthew drenches Honduras Honduras


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Morning News

Sep.24   Japan   Japan frees Chinese boat captain
  Japan has released Zhan Qixiong, a Chinese fishing boat captain, whose arrest two weeks ago led to a major row with Beijing

  Northern Nigeria   Flooding displaces more than 2 million
Map of Kano Nigeria
  In northern Nigeria flood gates on Challawa and Tiga dams were opened to release rising waters along the Niger River

  New Delhi   Kids build India sports venues  New evidence has emerged that show children as young as seven are being used in the construction of game venues

  London   Irish terror threat level raised  The threat level to Britain from Irish-related terrorism has been raised from moderate to substantial

  Congo UN slams security forces over mass rapes  A U.N. report confirms the rape of at least 303 civilians between July 30 and August 2 in the Walikale region of North Kivu province

Day News

  Washington     Obama condemns Ahmadinejad speech
  US President has described as 'hateful' the claim by Iran's President that most people believe the US government was behind the 9/11 attacks

Evening News

  Beijing   China demands apology from Japan
  China has demanded an apology from Japan following the return of a fishing boat captain who was detained for two weeks in Okinawa

  New Delhi   Games head says more work needed  The president of the Commonwealth Games Federation says 'extensive work' still needs to be done to ready the athletes' village for the opening

  Honduras Storm Matthew drenches Honduras  Tropical Storm Matthew battered Honduras with heavy rains and winds, bringing with it a threat of flash floods and mudslides

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