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09-14 French senate approves burqa ban Paris
C. 09-14 Freed US hiker vows to help friends Tehran
D. 09-14 Eiffel Tower evacuated after threat Paris
4. 09-14 11 kids from a family die in boat accident Bahia, Northeastern Brazil
5. 09-14 Drilling could resume in rescue Plan B Copiapo, Chile
6. 09-14 World hunger down but still unacceptable UN
H. 09-14 EU condemns French Roma crackdown France
I. 09-14 Tea party candidate wins Delaware Delaware, USA, Mid-Atlantic states
J. 09-14 Tea Party surges in US primaries New York


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Morning News

Sep.14   Paris   French senate approves burqa ban
  The senate approved a law banning any veils that cover the face -- including the burqa, the full-body covering worn by some Muslim women

  Tehran   Freed US hiker vows to help friends Map of Tehran
  A jubilant American Sarah Shourd reunited with her mother, after authorities released her from a Tehran prison where she had been held for 14 months

  Paris   Eiffel Tower evacuated after threat  A bomb threat that led authorities to use sniffer dogs to inspect the tower and surrounding areas turned out to have been a hoax

  Northeastern Brazil   11 kids from a family die in boat accident Map of Bahia Brazil  Eleven children from the same extended family died over the weekend in a lake after the boat they were in overturned

  Chile Drilling could resume in rescue Plan B  Officials working to free 33 trapped miners in a collapsed mine said they had cleared a drilling hole that was blocked by a shattered drill bit

  UN World hunger down but still unacceptable  Improving economies in developing nations is allowing more people to eat better, but the nearly 1 billion will still face chronic hunger this year

Day News

  France EU condemns French Roma crackdown  EU Justice Commissioner Viviane Reding has urged the European Commission to take legal action against France over its deportations of Gypsies

  Mid-Atlantic states Tea party candidate wins Delaware  Conservative activist Christine O'Donnell has won an upset victory over longtime Congressman Mike Castle in Republican Senate primary

Evening News

  New York   Tea Party surges in US primaries
  The conservative Tea Party movement has won several victories over mainstream Republicans, ncluding the race to stand for New York governor

  Japan Japan moves to combat rising yen  Japan has intervened in the currency markets for the first time in more than six years to weaken the value of the yen against the dollar

  Basque Spain arrests 9 with suspected ETA links  Spanish police arrested nine people for suspected links to the Basque separatist group, the first such detentions since ETA declared a cease-fire

  Chile Chilean miner's wife gives birth to Hope  Elizabeth Segovia, wife of Ariel Ticona, one of the 33 men trapped 2,300 feet below ground, gave birth to a daughter

  Mexico 5.9 earthquake strikes offshore Mexico  A 5.9-magnitude earthquake struck the Islas Marias region of Nayarit centered offshore

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