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1. 07-05 Mother of two to be stoned to death Iran
C. 07-05 Nigeria 'drops team ban threat' Nigeria
3. 07-05 Turkey threatens break with Israel Turkey
4. 07-05 Iranian aircraft 'refused fuel' Iran
F. 07-05 Fischer's body exhumed in paternity case Iceland
07-05 Israel unveils new blockade rules for Gaza Jerusalem
H. 07-05 Police kill 64 in Afghan drug bust Helmand
I. 07-05 Military plane crash kills at least 11 Romania
J. 07-05 Ghana welcomes football heroes Ghana


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Morning News

Jul.5   Iran   Mother of two to be stoned to death
  A mother of two, could be stoned to death at any moment under the terms of a death sentence handed down by Iranian authorities

  Nigeria     Nigeria 'drops team ban threat'  The government has rescinded its decision to ban the national football team from all competitions, according to reports

  Turkey     Turkey threatens break with Israel  Turkey has for the first time threatened to break diplomatic ties with Israel over its raid on a Gaza-bound aid flotilla in May

  Iran Iranian aircraft 'refused fuel'  Iran has accused the UK, Germany and the UAE of refusing to provide fuel to Iranian passenger planes

  Iceland Fischer's body exhumed in paternity case  The body of chess legend Bobby Fischer was exhumed in Iceland. His body was reburied shortly after DNA samples were taken

Day News

  Jerusalem     Israel unveils new blockade rules for Gaza
  Israel announced that it will continue to restrict construction materials allowed into Gaza but will allow other items to be brought into Gaza without permission

  Helmand Police kill 64 in Afghan drug bust  Afghan counter-narcotics police and international security forces killed 64 people and arrested 10 others during a three-day operation

  Romania Military plane crash kills at least 11  A military plane crash near the Tuzla Romania Airport has killed 11 people, including air force Col. Nicolae Jianu, and injured three more

Evening News

  Ghana Ghana welcomes football heroes  Black Stars, Ghana's national football team, has arrived back home from the World Cup in South Africa to a rapturous welcome

  Thailand State of emergency debated in cabinet  The Thai cabinet is due to consider extending the state of emergency currently in force in the capital, Bangkok, and 23 provinces

  Somalia Anti-government protesters march  Demonstrators, including women dressed in full hijabs brandishing AK-47 automatic rifles, marched through the streets of Somali capital

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