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1. 07-21 Scientists discover monster star Sheffield, Northern England
C. 07-21 Controversial dam standing firm Yichang, Hubei, China
3. 07-21 IMF forgives Haiti's $268 million debt Haiti
E. 07-21 Hundreds of penguins wash up on coast Sao Paulo
07-21 Chad rules out arresting Sudan leader Chad
6. 07-21 Obama signs financial reform law Washington
H. 07-21 Facebook hits 500m user milestone San Francisco Bay Area
8. 07-21 North Korea criticises new US sanctions North Korea
J. 07-21 Flooding fears intensify Chanthu, Southern China


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Morning News

Jul.21   Northern England   Scientists discover monster star Map of Sheffield United Kingdom  Led by Paul Crowther, professor of astrophysics at University of Sheffield, the team of astronomers used a Very Large Telescope

  China Controversial dam standing firm  The giant Three Gorges Dam which spans Yangtze River, has withstood the biggest test of its flood control capabilities since it was completed in 2009

  Haiti IMF forgives Haiti's $268 million debt  The executive board of the International Monetary Fund approved the cancellation of Haiti's $268 million debt to the fund

  Sao Paulo Hundreds of penguins wash up on coast  Biologists suspect that cold waters were responsible for the deaths of more than 550 penguins that washed up on shore in the past 10 days

Day News

  Chad     Chad rules out arresting Sudan leader
  Chad's government has said there can be no question of Omar al-Bashir, being arrested during his current visit to the country

  Washington     Obama signs financial reform law
  President Barack Obama has signed into law the biggest overhaul of American financial regulation in decades

  San Francisco Bay Area Facebook hits 500m user milestone  Social network giant, which launched in 2004, has gained around 100 million new users in the last six months

Evening News

  North Korea   North Korea criticises new US sanctions  New US sanctions against North Korea will violate a UN statement issued after the sinking of a South Korean warship

  Southern China   Flooding fears intensify Map of Chanthu China  Tropical storm Chanthu has slowed, but it's edging ominously closer to an area already deluged with rain and deadly floods

  U.S. Senate BP boss invited to Lockerbie hearing  The Senate Foreign Relations Committee has invited Tony Hayward to answer questions about BP and the release of the convicted Lockerbie bomber

  Washington Bernanke uncertain on US economy  US Federal Reserve chairman Ben Bernanke has warned that the outlook for the US economy remains 'unusually uncertain'

  Florida Conrad Black released from prison  Canadian-born tycoon Conrad Black has been freed from a Florida prison on bail, pending an appeal over fraud convictions

  China Baidu profit doubles in record quarter  While Google struggles with the Chinese market, local search giant is soaring to new heights, reporting net income of $123.6 million

  Thailand Visa of pianist accused of rape revoked  Thailand has revoked the visa of Mikhail Pletnev, a Russian pianist accused of raping a 14-year-old boy

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