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Disasters Main Event: Iran nuclear scientist...
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07-13 Iran nuclear scientist free to leave US Washington
C. 07-13 Yankees owner George Steinbrenner dies New York
D. 07-13 'Barefoot bandit' returned to U.S. Miami
E. 07-13 Guatemalan women seeks asylum in U.S. USA
5. 07-13 BP starting pressure test on well Louisiana
G. 07-13 'Virtual human' makes Xbox debut Microsoft
7. 07-13 BP delays pressure test on well Louisiana
I. 07-13 Recording captures Gibson's ethnic slur USA


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Morning News

Jul.13   Washington   Iran nuclear scientist free to leave US
  The US insists that Shahram Amiri who has turned up in the country is there voluntarily and is free to leave

  New York Yankees owner George Steinbrenner dies  Longtime Yankees owner George Steinbrenner died Tuesday of a heart attack at age 80. (AP)

  Miami 'Barefoot bandit' returned to U.S.  The teenager Colton Harris-Moore, was taken from the Bahamas to Miami to face charges

  USA Guatemalan women seeks asylum in U.S.  An appeals court ruling has raised the possibility that Guatemalan women will be able to seek asylum because of the high femicide in that country

Day News

  Louisiana     BP starting pressure test on well
  BP is starting a key test, expected to last between six and 48 hours, on its leaking Gulf of Mexico well to see if the flow of oil can be shut off

  Microsoft 'Virtual human' makes Xbox debut   Microsoft shows off a 'virtual boy' that reacts to human emotions, body movements and voice, designed for Xbox consoles

Evening News

  Gaza     Israeli navy trails Gaza aid ship  Israeli navy vessels are shadowing a Libyan-chartered ship, in defiance of the blockade, amid confusion about its final destination

  Louisiana     BP delays pressure test on well  BP has delayed a key test on a newly installed well cap aimed at stopping the flow of oil in the Gulf of Mexico

  USA Recording captures Gibson's ethnic slur  In third audio recording of a bitter argument purportedly between actor Mel Gibson and his ex-girlfriend the man can be heard using an ethnic slur

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