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  Chavez: Government owns part of radio  President Hugo Chavez: Venezuela will name a government representative to the board of opposition broadcaster Globovision Venezuela breaks relations with Colombia
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Stores face punishment after devaluation Earthquake strikes Venezuela Protests continue following 2 deaths Cuban hire in Venezuela raises concern   Chavez announces electricity emergency  Venezuelan President has declared a state of emergency for the nation's electricity supply and announced a series of billing sanctions and r... Venezuela slams human rights report  Venezuela's top human rights official disputed findings of a report issued by an OAS commission, and accused of distorting statistics   Chavez extends holiday to save energy  President Hugo Chavez has added three days to Venezuela's Easter to deal with a growing energy crisis Chief of last TV critical of Chavez arrested  Guillermo Zuloaga was arrested on charges that he abused his right to free speech, then released after a two-hour hearing Boxing champ Valero commits suicide Opposition leader freed from jail until trial  Alvarez Paz who had been jailed after criticizing leftist Hugo Chavez was freed until his trial on charges of public instigation to commit a... Gas rig sinks off Venezuela coast  All 95 workers on board were rescued and no gas leaks were detected because safety valves cut off the flow, said the company, PDVSA Warrant issuesd for TV executive  The government has issued an arrest warrant against Guillermo Zuloaga, the president of one of the last independent TV stations in that coun... Venezuela asks Interpol to arrest Zuloaga  Venezuela has asked Interpol to arrest the owner of the only TV station still openly critical of leftist President Hugo Chavez   Venezuela 'harbours' rebel groups  The Colombian defence minister has said that intelligence sources now have irrefutable evidence of rebel bases in neighbouring Venezuela Venezuela recalls ambassador to Colombia
Venezuela will slash value of currency   Chavez: military will monitor prices

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  In the wake of devaluation currency, Chavez on said he would put the military on the streets to ensure that business owners don't raise prices

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  Venezuela rejected Colombia's assertion that Colombian rebels are living in Venezuela
  Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez said that he is breaking off relations with Colombia. He called President Uribe 'crazed'
 The Organization of American States meets to discuss Colombian claims that Venezuela is protecting rebels in its territory

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Aug.6   Chavez 'optimistic' over Colombia  Venezuelan President has said his foreign minister will attend the inauguration of new Colombian president Juan Manuel Santos Aug.8   Venezuela-Colombia talks agreed
  Colombia's new President Juan Manuel Santos and Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez are to meet in Colombia for talks on Tuesday Aug.10   Colombia, Venezuela to restore ties
  Venezuela and Colombia wiped the slate clean and will re-establish diplomatic relations after a meeting between the heads of the states
Aug.21     Venezuela defends flights to Iran, Syria  Venezuela's ambassador to the U.S. is defending controversial airline service to countries that are designated as state sponsors of terrorism

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Sep.11   Governor missing after crash   A Venezuelan governor Willian Lara and former minister of communications was missing after a car accident Sep.13   Plane with 47 people aboard crashes
Map of Bolivar Venezuela  More than two-thirds of the passengers survived Conviasa Flight 2350 crash. 15 people were confirmed dead and 36 survived when the plane Sep.27     Chavez foes hail election gains  Opposition is celebrating the results of Sunday's poll, in which it overturned President Hugo Chavez's two-thirds majority in parliament

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Oct.15   Russia to help Venezuela build nuke plant
  The two countries signed an agreement on the construction during Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez's visit to Russia

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Dec.17   Chavez gets power to govern by decree
  Lame-duck National Assembly has granted President Hugo Chavez the power to pass laws by decree for the next 18 months
Dec.29   US 'revokes Venezuela envoy visa  Washington has revoked the visa of the Venezuelan ambassador to the US after President Hugo Chavez rejects the US envoy to Caracas

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1. 01-08 Venezuela will slash value of currency Venezuela
01-10 Chavez: military will monitor prices Venezuela
3. 01-11 Stores face punishment after devaluation Venezuela
E. 01-15 Earthquake strikes Venezuela Carupano, Venezuela
F. 02-05 Cuban hire in Venezuela raises concern Venezuela
6. 02-09 Chavez announces electricity emergency Venezuela
H. 02-25 Venezuela slams human rights report Venezuela
8. 03-24 Chavez extends holiday to save energy Venezuela

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