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Flooding fears intensify Map of Chanthu China
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Sichuan Spy Plane
Chongqing (11)   Sichuan, 2010   Southern China Flood (26)   China Flood (43)   Southern China, 2010

Flood Main Event: Quake kills one, injures 11
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01-31 Quake kills one, injures 11 Sichuan
C. 02-27 19 killed in firecracker explosion Guangdong, Southern China
D. 03-23 Man fatally stabs 8 schoolchildren Nanping City, Southern China
E. 04-07 Dams dried up Southern China
F. 05-13 Coal mine blast kills 21 Guizhou, Southern China
G. 05-31 China ups supercomputer power Shenzhen, Southern China
H. 06-01 Inside China factory hit by suicides Shenzhen, Southern China
8. 06-19 Flooding in leaves 88 dead Jianxi, Southern China
9. 06-22 Nearly 200 dead in flooding Southern China

Death toll rises in floods
Quake kills one, injures 11 19 killed in firecracker explosion Man fatally stabs 8 schoolchildren   A man stabbed eight children to death and wounded five others at an elementary school Dams dried up  Dams have dried up in southwest China, nearly half of northern Vietnam's farmland is under threat because of a regional drought Coal mine blast kills 21   The blast occurred Thursday in a shaft where 31 miners were working. 10 workers escaped from the Yuanyang Colliery mine after the explosion China ups supercomputer power   Nebulae machine at the National Super Computer Center in Shenzhen, was ranked second on the biannual Top 500 supercomputer list Inside China factory hit by suicides   So far this year, 10 people have committed suicide, while three others have tried Flooding in leaves 88 dead   Heavy flooding has displaced about 757,000. Landslides flattened thousands of houses in Jianxi province Nearly 200 dead in flooding  More than 120 are missing from heavy rains and floods ravaging 10 southern China provinces. 2.3 million residents have been evacuated Toyota's plant in China idled for 2nd day   Massive car factory in Guangzhou remained idle, a day after it halted production following a strike at a supplier, Denso Corporation China landslide traps scores   More than 100 people had a 'slim' chance of survival after being buried by a rain-caused mudslide Taiwan and China to sign key deal Map of Chongqing China

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  Taiwan and China are to sign a landmark trade agreement which will remove tariffs from hundreds of products

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  The death toll has risen to 34 as a result of floods and landslides in two provinces in central China
  Tropical storm Chanthu has slowed, but it's edging ominously closer to an area already deluged with rain and deadly floods
Jul.27   Dozens missing in China landslide
  Twenty-one people are missing feared dead after heavy rain triggered a landslide which flattened part of Shuanghe village in Sichuan

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Aug.19   Train carriages fall into river  At least two carriages of a passenger train fell into a river Thursday after floods destroyed a bridge in southwest China Aug.25   Mudslides death toll at 38   54 people still missing. A bridge was built Tuesday linking the disaster-hit area to safer lands

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Sep.29   2,000 evacuated for lunar probe  Residents within 2.5 kilometers of the launch pad at the Xichang Satellite Launch Center in the southwest province of Sichuan

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Oct.23     270,000 flee as typhoon hits China
Map of Fujian China  Typhoon Megi hit China on Saturday, sending hundreds of thousands fleeing as it made landfall in the southeastern province of Fujian

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Nov.13 First day of Asian Games
Nov.21   29 trapped miners rescued  Twenty-nine miners trapped in a flooded mine in China were rescued after more than 30 hours, with crews lifting them out in rapid succession Nov.24 Asian Games: China sets medal record

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Dec.4   6 killed in internet cafe explosion
Map of Guizhou China  The explosion occurred around 10:30 p.m. in downtown Kaili City, located in Guizhou province   10 sailors missing after cargo ship sinks
Map of Guangdong China  Fourteen sailors were rescued after their ship the MV Hong Wei sank off the southeast coast of China. The vessel had 40,000 tons of nickel ore Dec.18   Fireworks explosion in China kills 8
Map of Hunan China  A truck carrying firecracker materials fuses hit an electric wire pole and sparks ignited the items in the truck Dec.27   9 children dead, after vehicle plunges Map of Hunan China  A three-wheeled vehicle carrying 20 children on their way to school in central China's Hunan province plunged into a creek Dec.28   Thousands stranded, fog closes airport Map of Chengdu City Sichuan China
  Heavy fog forced authorities in southwest China to shut down a dozen highways and a regional airport

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