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War & Army Main Event: Major Pakistani groun...
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10-17 Major Pakistani ground offensive begins South Waziristan, Tribal Areas
C. 10-17 Big anti-abortion rally Madrid
3. 10-17 Guinea embargo over 'atrocities' Guinea
E. 10-17 Flood warning for drought-hit East Africa East Africa
5. 10-17 Senator Kerry warns on Afghan troops Washington
G. 10-17 Balloon parents 'face charges' Colorado
7. 10-17 Pakistan army continues assault South Waziristan, Tribal Areas
I. 10-17 12 dead in Brazil drug battle Rio de Janeiro


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Morning News

Oct.17   Tribal Areas   Major Pakistani ground offensive begins Map of South Waziristan Pakistan
  Pakistani soldiers and militants slugged it out the vast tribal region, with more than a dozen insurgents killed in military airstrikes
 30,000 troops, backed by artillery, had moved into the region where Pakistan Taliban leader Mehsud is based

  Madrid   Big anti-abortion rally
Map of Madrid
  Tens of thousands of people have joined a protest march in Madrid to oppose government plans to liberalise the country's abortion law

  Guinea Guinea embargo over 'atrocities'  West African states have imposed an arms embargo on Guinea over the mass shooting of opposition supporters

  East Africa Flood warning for drought-hit East Africa  Heavy rains triggered by El Nino weather patterns could potentially prove devastating for east African that have been water-starved for months

Evening News

  Washington     Senator Kerry warns on Afghan troops  John Kerry has said it would be irresponsible to send more US troops to Afghanistan before the result of the presidential election there is clear

  Colorado Balloon parents 'face charges'  A sheriff says the parents of a boy Falcon Heene, aged six, mistakenly believed to have been carried away by a helium balloon will face charges

  Tribal Areas Pakistan army continues assault  An army offensive against al-Qaeda and Taliban strongholds in has entered its second day with dozens of casualties reported

  Rio de Janeiro 12 dead in Brazil drug battle  Twelve people, including 2 police officers, were killed when their helicopter was shot down over the neighborhood known as Morro dos Macacos

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