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Politics Main Event: Cabinet meets underwater
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1. 10-16 North Korean diplomat to visit US North, USA
2. 10-16 Ousted Zelaya has deadline Honduras
D. 10-16 Ghana U-20 world champs after shoot-out Cairo
E. 10-16 Police investigate explosion Belfast, Northern Ireland
5. 10-16 Dutch lawmaker enters UK after ban London
10-16 Cabinet meets underwater Maldives
H. 10-16 Karadzic war crimes trial set for Oct. 26 UN Tribunal
I. 10-16 Fireworks blaze 'kills 30' Chennai, Southern India


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Morning News

Oct.16   USA   North Korean diplomat to visit US Map of North USA  Ri Gun, a senior North Korean diplomat, will be allowed a rare visa to visit the US later this month

  Honduras     Ousted Zelaya has deadline  Ousted President Manuel Zelaya will give talks with the interim government two more days to reach an agreement

  Cairo   Ghana U-20 world champs after shoot-out Map of Cairo  10-man Ghana overcame Brazil 4-3 on penalties in the Under-20 World Cup final in Cairo to become the first African side to win the tournament

  Northern Ireland Police investigate explosion  38-year-old woman was injured and a vehicle was damaged. Some politicians blamed the explosion on terrorists

  London Dutch lawmaker enters UK after ban  Days after a court allowed him entry into Britain, controversial Geert Wilders said his arrival Friday marked 'a victory for the freedom of speech'

Evening News

  Maldives   Cabinet meets underwater
Map of Maldives
  The government has held a cabinet meeting about five metres (16ft) underwater to highlight the threat of global warming

  UN Tribunal Karadzic war crimes trial set for Oct. 26  The war crimes trial of former Bosnian Serb leader Radovan Karadzic is set to begin October 26

  Southern India Fireworks blaze 'kills 30'  At least 30 people have been killed and 10 injured in a fire at a fireworks warehouse in south-east India at Pallipat

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