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06-22 Hundreds protest, despite warning Tehran
C. 06-22 Police break up new rally Tehran
D. 06-22 Sarkozy speaks out against burka Paris
E. 06-22 Iraq hit by fresh wave of attacks Iraq
F. 06-22 Guilty of genocide jailed for 30 years Rwanda
6. 06-22 Pilot buries copter crash survivor in sand Northern Territory, Australia
7. 06-22 Several injured in Qantas incident Perth, Western Australia
8. 06-22 Dog walker trampled to death by cows Northern England
9. 06-22 Fatal crash on subway system Washington


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Morning News

Jun.22   Tehran   Hundreds protest, despite warning Map of Tehran Iran
  Hundreds of demonstrators angry over recent presidential election results gathered in a public square, despite a stern warning by Revolutionary Guard

  Tehran   Police break up new rally
Map of Tehran Iran
  The riot police have fired tear gas to break up a new opposition rally in the centre of the capital, hours after a stern warning to protesters

  Paris     Sarkozy speaks out against burka
  French President at a special session of parliament has spoken out strongly against the wearing of the burka by Muslim women in France

  Iraq   Iraq hit by fresh wave of attacks  At least 21 people have been killed and 75 wounded in a spate of bomb attacks across Iraq

  Rwanda Guilty of genocide jailed for 30 years  Callixte Kalimanzira, an ex-official, was sentenced for his role in the death of 'thousands of Tutsi refugees' in country's 1994 genocide

  Australia Pilot buries copter crash survivor in sand  A pilot dragged his passenger to safety and buried him neck-deep in sand to protect him from hypothermia after their helicopter crashed in mudflats

  Western Australia Several injured in Qantas incident  A flight from Hong Kong to Perth after the jetliner hit turbulence over Borneo in Malaysia

  Northern England Dog walker trampled to death by cows  A 49-year-old woman was trampled to death by cows while walking her dogs

Day News

  Washington   Fatal crash on subway system
  Two rush-hour trains have collided in Washington DC, killing 7 people and injuring several others

  New York   Glover holds nerve, wins U.S. Open  American journeyman Lucas Glover denied Phil Mickelson a fairytale victory as he kept his nerve to close out a two-shot victory

  Washington Shah's son calls crisis a 'moment of truth'  Reza Shah Pahlavi is warning that the democratic movement born out of the election crisis might not succeed without international support

  London Lawmakers elect new speaker  British lawmakers elected John Bercow, a new Speaker of the House of Commons, after scandal forced the previous speaker to resign

Evening News

  UN     End Iran violence, UN chief urges   Secretary General Ban Ki-moon has called for an end to arrests and the threat and use of violence by authorities in Iran

  Kenya   Kenya rejects call for Somalia military help  Kenya was quick to reject the African Union's idea of sending troops and suggested the AU should spearhead such a move

  Los Angeles R&B singer Brown admits Rihanna assault  Chris Brown, 19, has pleaded guilty to one count of assault on his former girlfriend, pop star Rihanna

  Iran Guard. Council rules out nullifying election  Guardian Council is saying irregularities were reported before the balloting, not during or after

  Global World Bank: Poor nations hit by recession  Worldwide trade will plummet by nearly 10% this year, and output will fall by 2.9%

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