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Deadly air strike Drone kills eight   Missiles fired by a suspected US drone have flattened a house and killed at least eight people close to the Afghan border   50 students, staff abducted by militants   Militants in a Taliban-held area are believed to have abducted 50 students and staff after a ceremony marking the last day of school New York Times reporter escapes Taliban   David Rohde, held or seven months, and a local reporter, Tahir Ludin, climbed over the wall of a compound. Pakistani military was involved in... 'Dozens dead' in US drone strike Map of South Waziristan Pakistan  At least 45 people, attending a funeral for others killed in a US drone strike, have died in a missile strike by a US aircraft in Pakistan   Deadly military crash Map of Orakzai Pakistan  Up to 26 security personnel are feared dead after an army transport helicopter crashed in the tribal region of Orakzai Drones 'kill dozens' Map of South Waziristan Pakistan  At least 40 people have been killed in a suspected US missile strike in north-west Pakistan near Ladha in South Waziristan Pakistani Taliban leader 'killed'
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Drone Main Event: Missile hit 'kills 27'
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1. 01-28 Pakistan: U.S. must halt drone attacks Tribal Areas
02-13 Missile hit 'kills 27' South Waziristan, Tribal Areas
3. 04-03 Deadly air strike North Waziristan, Tribal Areas
4. 05-11 Drone kills eight South Waziristan, Tribal Areas
F. 06-01 50 students, staff abducted by militants North Waziristan, Tribal Areas
G. 06-20 New York Times reporter escapes Taliban North Waziristan, Tribal Areas
7. 06-23 'Dozens dead' in US drone strike South Waziristan, Tribal Areas
I. 07-03 Deadly military crash Orakzai, Tribal Areas

Mosque attack kills 50 Map of Jamrud Khyber Pakistan
Pakistan: U.S. must halt drone attacks Missile hit 'kills 27' Map of South Waziristan Pakistan

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  At least 20 people have been killed in a suspected US missile attack in the South Waziristan area, near the border with Afghanistan

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  The attack was a suicide bombing and the mosque has collapsed; the death toll could rise to 70. More than 70 people have been hurt

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  There are growing indications that Pakistan's most wanted man, Taliban leader Baitullah Mehsud, has been killed by a US missile
 Taliban leaders have gathered in South Waziristan to choose a successor
Aug.8     Pakistani Taliban deputy reportedly killed   A leading candidate to replace the Pakistani Taliban leader believed killed recently was shot dead in a gunfire exchange between supporters

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Sep.5   Dozens killed in fighting  More than 50 suspected militants of Lashkar e Islam in the northwestern volatile tribal region have been killed by military forces

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Oct.11   Pakistan 'to strike at militants'
Map of South Waziristan Pakistan  Interior Minister Rehman Malik: Pakistan will launch an operation against militants in restive South Waziristan 'imminently' Oct.15   Pakistan attacks militant hideouts   Jet fighters and attack helicopters targeted hideouts in and around the villages of Ladha, Makeen, Nawaz Kot and Sararogha Oct.17   Major Pakistani ground offensive begins Map of South Waziristan Pakistan
  Pakistani soldiers and militants slugged it out the vast tribal region, with more than a dozen insurgents killed in military airstrikes
 30,000 troops, backed by artillery, had moved into the region where Pakistan Taliban leader Mehsud is based
  Pakistan army continues assault   An army offensive against al-Qaeda and Taliban strongholds in has entered its second day with dozens of casualties reported Oct.18   Taliban fighters resist Pakistani assault
Map of South Waziristan Pakistan  Pakistan's army killed 60 'terrorists' as it battles to wrest control of part of the country from the Taliban. 5 soldiers were killed in the last 24 hours Oct.23   Aid agency seeks Pakistan access   The Red Cross says relief workers are being kept out of S. Waziristan region, where the Pakistani army is mounting an anti-militant offensiv... Oct.24     Pakistan takes key Taliban town of Kotkai Map of Kotkai South Waziristan Pakistan
  Troops took the town after days of bombardments. 3 soldiers and 4 Taliban were reported killed in the fighting overnight

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Nov.3   Military claims Taliban stronghold   Pakistan's forces have taken over Sararogha during the ongoing ground offensive in the tribal region

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Dec.12   Pakistan Taliban offensive in to 'go on'   Prime minister Gilani has backed down from his statement that a military offensive offensive against the Taliban in South Waziristan was ove... Dec.26   Blast kills official, 5 of his children   The bomb was planted outside the home of Sarfaraz Khan, an official who helped administer the Sadda area Dec.27   U.S. missiles kill militants   Two missiles believed to be fired by unmanned aircraft killed 13 militants in tribal region. The casualties included Taliban commander Abdur... Dec.31   Suspected drone attack kills 3
Map of North Waziristan Pakistan  A missile strike targeted a house believed to be housing Islamic militants, the latest in a string of suspected U.S. drone attacks on the region

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