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Quake destroys 10,000 homes   The 6.0-magnitude quake hit Yunnan province in southwest China, leaving more than 300 people injured   Quake devastated wild panda habitat  23 percent of the pandas' habitat in the area was destroyed in 2008, and fragmentation of the remaining habitat could hinder panda reproduct...   Typhoon Morakot slams into China Map of Fujian China
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Earthquake Main Event: Typhoon Morakot slams...
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B. 01-25 China confirms 6th bird flu case this month Guizhou, Southern China
2. 05-07 2008 quake killed 5,335 students Southern China
3. 05-12 Amid rebuilding, scars linger from quake Southern China
E. 05-28 China quarantines U.S. school group Kaili, Southern China
F. 06-05 Massive landslide buries dozens Chongqing, Southern China
6. 07-09 Quake destroys 10,000 homes Yunnan, Southern China
7. 07-27 Quake devastated wild panda habitat Southern China
08-09 Typhoon Morakot slams into China Fujian, Southern China
J. 08-09 Millions displaced as typhoon blasts China Southern China

  Amid rebuilding, scars linger from quake  In 2008 the tremor killed 68,712 people. It left 17,921 missing, more than 374,000 injured and at least 15 million people displaced   China quarantines U.S. school group   21 students and three teachers from a Maryland private school have been quarantined because of swine flu concerns Massive landslide buries dozens Map of Chongqing China
  China confirms 6th bird flu case this month   A 29-year-old man in southwest China is in critical condition after testing positive for bird flu, making him the country's sixth confirmed ...   2008 quake killed 5,335 students

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  State media: 7.9 earthquake that struck last year killed 5,335 students and left an additional 546 children disabled

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  Rescue workers searched for 80 people believed to be trapped by a massive landslide in the southwest city at an iron ore mining area

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  At least one person was killed as Typhoon Morakot is packing high winds and torrential rain. Nearly a million people had been evacuated
    Millions displaced as typhoon blasts China
  High winds and torrential rain of Typhoon Morakot that slammed into China's coastal provinces and Taiwan has left dozens missing
Aug.10   Landslide crushes buildings
Map of Pengxi in Zhejiang China
  At least 6 apartment blocks have collapsed following landslides in eastern China, trapping an unknown number of people
 The landslides were triggered by rains caused by Typhoon Morakot
Aug.19   Web addiction camp investigated  A 14-year-old boy beaten at a boot camp for Internet addicts was in critical condition, less than 3 weeks after a youth at a different camp ... Aug.30   Myanmar refugees flood into China  Thousands of refugees poured across the border into southern China at the end of the week to escape fighting there

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Sep.2   Plants shut for lead poisoning
Map of Hunan China  About 1,354 children in the province test positive for abnormal levels of lead. 8 factories shuttered; won't reopen until meet standards

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Oct.8   Mine accident kills 26
Map of Hunan China  The accident occurred when a brake failure caused two elevators carrying 31 miners in a tin-ore mine in Lengshuijiang City to plunge Oct.14   Dutch tourists die in China balloon crash  A search party hunted for a hot-air balloon that had been catching fire and crashing, arriving in time to save only three of the seven people aboard Oct.18   Deadly barn collapse kills 10 Map of Renhuai Guizhou China  An old grain warehouse collapsed, killing 10 people and wounding nine. Farmers were selling sorghum at the barn

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Nov.22     Three years' jail for China activist
  Huang Qi has been sentenced to three years in prison for 'illegally holding state secrets' after helping families whose children died during the quake

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Dec.7   School stampede in turns deadly
Map of Hunan China  A stampede on a staircase killed 8 students and injured 26 others. A student had fallen on a flight of stairs, causing dozens to lose their balance

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