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  U.N. secretary-general in Sri Lanka visit  Ban Ki-moon toured a displacement camp of Manik Farm, days after the country declared victory in a 25-year civil war against rebels S Korea stunned by Roh's suicide N Korea threatens military action
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  Korean tensions brew as Clinton arrives  U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton commented extensively on the increasingly tense relationship between North and South Korea   Clinton: North Korea is miscalculating  Secretary of State: N. Korea is 'badly miscalculating' if it thinks its diplomatic bluster can 'drive a wedge' between the U.S. and S. Korea Seoul: N. Korean missile can hit U.S. bases  Stalinist North deployed new medium-range ballistic missiles and expanded special forces training during 2008 Asian shares slide as fears grow S Korea diverts jets over threats  Two airlines in S. Korea are to re-route flights after N. Korea said it could no longer guarantee their safety S. Koreans allowed to cross border Freighter in collision may have sunk Russian planes fly over U.S. Navy ships N Korea restores military hotline UN head against new Somalia force U.S., Korean warships stop pirate attack Ex-president Roh Moo-hyun dies Ex-S Korea leader 'kills himself'
Automaker Ssangyong files for bankruptcy   North Korea tears up agreements Map of Seoul North Korea

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  Communist Korea has said it is scrapping all military and political agreements signed with the South, accusing Seoul of hostile intent

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  Roh Moo-hyun , 62, had been under investigation for alleged corruption, has apparently committed suicide by jumping into a ravine
 He was mountain climbing near his home and had left a brief suicide note and had left a brief suicide note. In the message, Roh described his life as difficult and apologised for making 'too many people suffer'
  North Korea has warned of a military response after S. Korea joined an anti-proliferation exercise which allow it to search the North's ships
May.27 Alert level raised on North Korea May.29   Koreans turn out in force for Roh Map of Seoul South Korea  Tens of thousands have turned out in Seoul for the funeral of former President Roh Moo-hyun, who killed himself last week

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Jun.22     End Iran violence, UN chief urges   Secretary General Ban Ki-moon has called for an end to arrests and the threat and use of violence by authorities in Iran

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Jul.2     UN chief begins mission in Burma
  Ban Ki-moon has arrived in a bid to seek the release of political prisoners including opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi Jul.3     Burma junta leader snubs UN chief  The junta has refused to allow visiting Secretary General Ban Ki-moon to meet jailed opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi

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Aug.16 Yang takes down Tiger at Hazeltine
Aug.17   Former S Korea President Kim dies
  Kim Dae-jung, the former president, who was being treated for pneumonia, has died at the age of 83
Aug.18 South Korea set for rocket launch
Aug.21 North and South Korea hold talks Aug.22   S Korean head meets North envoys
  Lee Myung-bak has met senior North Korean officials for the first time, ahead of the funeral of the late ex-President Kim Dae-jung
Aug.24 Koreas to discuss family reunions
Aug.27 Koreas to resume family reunions Aug.28   Koreas reach deal to reunite families  North and South reached an agreement on reunions for families separated for decades by the Korean War Aug.31 UN chief in Arctic climate visit Border traffic normalized between Koreas

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Oct.9     Nations urge early N Korea talks
  Leaders of China, South Korea and Japan have urged an early resumption of talks on North Korea's nuclear program Oct.25   Clone scientist convicted  A has convicted the 56-year-old disgraced cloning scientist Hwang Woo-suk of fraud over his stem-cell research Oct.28   UN chief condemns Kabul killings  UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon has condemned as 'despicable and brutal' a Taliban attack which killed six UN workers

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Nov.9   Two Koreas' navies in skirmish
  South Korea's Yonhap news agency: North and South Korean naval forces have exchanged fire off their west coast Nov.18     Obama and Lee urge N Korea talks  US President has been discussing trade and North Korea's nuclear ambitions in talks with South Korea's President Lee Myung-bak Nov.27   UN chief urges to 'seal deal' on climate  Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has urged world leaders to 'seal a deal' on climate change when they meet in Copenhagen next month

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Dec.10     U.S. briefs South on North Korean talks  The Obama administration's first high-level direct talks yielded no promise by Pyongyang to return to six-party negotiations Dec.28   S. Korea win $20B nuclear power contract  The Korean-led group of companies has won a contract to develop civilian nuclear power plants , beating French, US and Japanese rivals

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B. 01-09 Automaker Ssangyong files for bankruptcy South Korea
01-29 North Korea tears up agreements Seoul, North Korea
3. 02-19 Korean tensions brew as Clinton arrives South Korea
4. 02-20 Clinton: North Korea is miscalculating South Korea
F. 02-23 Seoul: N. Korean missile can hit U.S. bases South Korea
G. 03-05 Asian shares slide as fears grow Japan
H. 03-05 S Korea diverts jets over threats South Korea
8. 03-09 S. Koreans allowed to cross border North Korea
J. 03-09 Freighter in collision may have sunk Izu Oshima, Japan

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