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Afghan quits election commission Abdullah ready for runoff with Karzai Karzai accepts election runoff
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Abdullah Abdullah: election process biased Hundreds of Afghan votes declared invalid  Presidential election results from five polling stations were declared invalid by the Electoral Complaints Commission because of fraud US urges caution on Afghan vote Karzai maintains lead in Afghan election Karzai blasts EU over 'suspicious vote' claim  The final uncertified results: President Hamid Karzai secured over 54 percent of the vote in last month's election Italian forces die in Kabul blast Karzai warns West over vote fraud claims Karzai backs U.S. call for more troops Afghan sacking 'sends bad signal' Blast outside India embassy
Blast hits German embassy   Taliban poised at the gates of Kabul  A top Taliban commander said his insurgents are poised and ready to attack Kabul and could strike virtually anywhere in the city   Karzai to review move toward sharia law  Amid mounting pressure from the West, Afghan President says his government will review a recent version of a law that legalizes marital rape Brown: Afghanistan is 'crucible of terror' Blast kills 3, injures dozens  A massive suicide bombing near the Nato headquarters rocked the capital, killing three people and leaving as many as 90 wounded   Karzai, rivals debate as elections near  President Karzai, heavily criticized for skipping a candidates' debate, met two of his political rivals in a nationally televised debate Deadly pre-poll attack hits Kabul Poll media blackout urged   Afghanistan has called on domestic and foreign media not to cover any violence on the day of the election in case such reports scare away vo... Rivals claim success in Afghan vote Afghan challenger alleges fraud Partial results put Karzai ahead in vote Karzai maintains lead in vote count   US envoy 'in angry Karzai talks'  The US special envoy to Afghanistan Richard Holbrooke has held an explosive meeting with Afghan President over the country's election Karzai extends poll lead Voter fraud complaints double in election Firm cooperating in contractor probe Election officials defend vote-counting Karzai closer to Afghan poll win   Recount clouds Karzai poll lead

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Feb.11  Deadly attacks hit Afghan capital
Feb.15  Afgha-n to help review U.S. war on terror
Feb.28  Afghan president urges April poll

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Aug.5  New NATO chief visits Afghanistan
Aug.19  Robbers killed in gunbattle at bank

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  Latest results from presidential election show President Hamid Karzai with 54.1% of the vote after 92% of polling stations declared

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  At least 7 people have been killed and more than 60 injured in a large explosion near the interior ministry office and the Indian embassy
  Afghan President bowed to Western pressure, agreeing to take part in a presidential runoff vote in two weeks
Sack Afghan poll officials - UN Oct.23   Run-off campaigning begins  Incumbent President Hamid Karzai is due to face his main challenger, Abdullah Abdullah, in two weeks' time Oct.26   Afghan rivals row over poll chief  President Hamid Karzai has rejected a call by rival candidate Abdullah Abdullah to sack the head of the Afghan election commission Oct.27   3 U.N. staff killed in firefight
  The staff members were living in a private guesthouse in central Kabul near where an attack took place
Oct.28     UN chief condemns Kabul killings  UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon has condemned as 'despicable and brutal' a Taliban attack which killed six UN workers Oct.30 Afghan election talks break down Abdullah 'to boycott Afghan vote' Oct.31   Afghan rivals talk over vote boycott  President Karzai's representatives were holding eleventh-hour talks with those of main rival Abdullah Abdullah in a bid to prevent the boyco... Six Afghans arrested for attack on U.N.

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Nov.1   Abdullah withdraws from Afghan runoff
  Afghan politician Abdullah Abdullah is saying he believes the second round would be as fraudulent as the first Nov.2   Karzai declared elected president
  Afghan electoral officials declared incumbent President Hamid Karzai the winner of another term in office, after canceling second round of voting
    Obama urges 'new Afghan chapter'  US President has urged Hamid Karzai to 'write a new chapter' in governing Afghanistan, after its disputed presidential poll   Karzai vows to battle corruption  Afghan President Hamid Karzai has vowed to remove the 'stigma' of corruption, a day after winning a new term Nov.11   Envoy urges no US troop increase  The US ambassador Eikenberry has written to the White House arguing against sending thousands more American troops to Afghanistan Nov.15   US demands Afghan 'bribery court'  US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton: The Afghan president must set up a 'major crimes tribunal' and an anti-corruption commission Nov.18 Clinton: Afghanistan at 'critical moment' Nov.19   Hamid Karzai sworn in for second term  Western leaders have urged Karzai to deliver tangible improvements in Afghans' lives

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Dec.26 Rocket lands on ministry grounds

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