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Disasters Main Event: Death toll rises to 20...
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04-07 Death toll rises to 207 in quake L'Aquila, Italy
C. 04-07 Students raid parliament Moldova
D. 04-07 Obama makes surprise Iraq visit Baghdad
4. 04-07 Strong quake rattles Pacific islands Kuril Islands, Russian Far East
F. 04-07 Police at rally shoved man who later died London
G. 04-07 N Korea threatens 'strong steps' North Korea
7. 04-07 Earthquake survivors face bleak future Abruzzo, Italy
I. 04-07 Fujimori found guilty of rights abuses Peru
J. 04-07 Police retake parliament Moldova


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Morning News

Apr.7   Italy   Death toll rises to 207 in quake Map of L%27Aquila Italy
  100 residents critically injured; 150 people had been rescued alive so far, and the operation would continue for a further 48 hours

  Moldova   Students raid parliament
Map of Moldova
  Students have attacked the parliament in protest at the victory of the governing Communist Party in Sunday's general election

  Baghdad Obama makes surprise Iraq visit  US President has arrived in the Iraqi capital Baghdad on an unannounced visit at the end of a long overseas trip

  Russian Far East Strong quake rattles Pacific islands  A 6.9-magnitude earthquake struck just east of the Kuril Islands, disputed between Russia and Japan

Day News

  London   Police at rally shoved man who later died  Video: A man who collapsed and died near protests at the G-20 summit was shoved to the ground by police shortly before the collapse

  North Korea     N Korea threatens 'strong steps'   N. Korean diplomat warns 'strong steps' would follow should the UN take action against the country after its launch of a satellite

  Italy   Earthquake survivors face bleak future Map of Abruzzo Italy  Survivors of deadly earthquake face the prospect of rebuilding their shattered lives after thousands of homes were demolished

  Peru Fujimori found guilty of rights abuses  Supreme Court found former President guilty on charges involving human rights violations, and sentenced him to 25 years in prison

  Moldova Police retake parliament  Riot police in the capital, Chisinau, have regained control of the parliament building that had earlier been stormed by protesters

  Cuba U.S. lawmakers meet with Fidel Castro  The longtime communist leader of Cuba, met with visiting members of the U.S. Congressional Black Caucus after his brother, Raśl, did the same

Evening News

  Thailand   Bangkok faces protests against PM   Tens of thousands of protesters have gathered in the capital in a fresh bid to force Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva out of office

  Somalia     Dangers off Somali coast increasing  A sudden surge of pirate attacks off the coast of eastern Somalia has prompted the U.S. military to put out a new alert to mariners

  Rwanda Rwanda remembers 15-year-old massacre  Crowds gathered in somber reflection, marking the anniversary of the start of a 100-day genocidal massacre in which 800,000 killed

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