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1. 05-22 UN head tours cyclone-hit Burma Myanmar
2. 05-22 Quake death toll passes 50,000 China
D. 05-22 'Necklace' lynching returns South Africa
4. 05-22 Sharks swim closer to extinction Global
5. 05-22 54 ill as new toxic fume suicide hits Kumamoto, Japan
05-22 Oil soars to new record over $135 New York
7. 05-22 U.N.: Poor could pay 40% more for food UN
I. 05-22 3 dead in 'Quran shooting' protest Chaghcharan, Western Afghanistan
J. 05-22 Tories snatch Crewe from Labour Crewe, Northern England


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Morning News

May.22   Myanmar     UN head tours cyclone-hit Burma
  Secretary General Ban Ki-moon has arrived to tour the devastated Irrawaddy Delta and meet military ruler Gen Than Shwe

  China     Quake death toll passes 50,000
  The toll from the devastating 7.9 earthquake in southwestern China has leaped to 51,151, an increase of almost 10,000
 The quake injured 288,431 people, with another 29,328 missing

  South Africa   'Necklace' lynching returns  More than 40 people have been killed and 28,000 made homeless in anti-immigrant violence
 South African troops have been deployed for the first time in an effort to stop attacks

  Global Sharks swim closer to extinction  IUCN: More than half of the world's ocean-going sharks are at risk of extinction

  Japan 54 ill as new toxic fume suicide hits  Toxic fumes appears at a hospital in southern Japan when a man vomited after drinking pesticide to commit suicide

Day News

  New York   Oil soars to new record over $135
  The price of oil is more than twice what it cost a year ago. The latest surge was driven by fallen US supplies of crude

  UN   U.N.: Poor could pay 40% more for food
  The world's poorest countries could pay 40% more for food this year than they did last year because of rising prices

  Western Afghanistan 3 dead in 'Quran shooting' protest  Two civilians and a Lithuanian soldier were killed when a protest outside a NATO base in western Afghanistan turned violent

  Northern England Tories snatch Crewe from Labour  The Conservative Party has achieved its first by-election gain in 26 years, taking the previously safe Labour seat

  Scotland Celtic clinch hat-trick of Scottish titles  Celtic edged Rangers to win the Premier League, securing the championship with a 1-0 win at Dundee United

Evening News

  China   Earthquake toll jumps again  The death toll from the massive earthquake in south-west China rose to 55,239; more than five million buildings had collapsed

  Colombia Official urges inquiry based on laptop info  A prosecutor called for an investigation into 12 people, including 3 Colombian members of Congress, for alleged ties to a leftist rebel group

  Myanmar U.N. chief heads to remote capital  Ban Ki-moon headed to the crucial meeting of his mission, hoping to persuade the inflexible junta leader to fully open up to international aid

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