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1. 05-19 Myanmar agrees to regional cyclone aid Myanmar
2. 05-19 Burma to mourn cyclone's victims Myanmar
D. 05-19 'Anti-foreigner' violence kills 22 Johannesburg
4. 05-19 Tainted booze kills 59 people Karnataka, Southern India
5. 05-19 Neapolitans torch rubbish piles Naples
05-19 U.S. plane strays into Venezuela La Orchila, Venezuela
7. 05-19 Ethiopian millions 'risk hunger' Ethiopia
I. 05-19 Nazi guard loses last US appeal U.S. Supreme Court
J. 05-19 FARC commander calls for dialogue Colombia


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Morning News

May.19   Myanmar     Myanmar agrees to regional cyclone aid
  Myanmar has agreed to let its South Asian neighbors send medical personnel and an assessment team to the country

  Myanmar     Burma to mourn cyclone's victims  Junta has declared 3 days of official mourning for the victims of Nargis, 17 days after the storm struck

  Johannesburg   'Anti-foreigner' violence kills 22 Map of Johannesburg South Africa  The attacks have been concentrated in Johannesburg's poorest areas, and many of the victims were Zimbabweans who have fled repression
 Some 6,000 people have fled a wave of attacks

  Southern India Tainted booze kills 59 people  Bootleggers began selling the deadly brew after police shut authorized liquor shops in the Karnataka state because of voting

  Naples Neapolitans torch rubbish piles  Firefighters battled overnight to extinguish dozens of blazes as angry residents set rubbish piles alight

Day News

  Venezuela   U.S. plane strays into Venezuela
Map of La Orchila Venezuela
  A U.S. anti-drug aircraft strayed into Venezuelan airspace, ratcheting up tensions between the two nations. Venezuela has demanded an explanation
 The US ambassador in Venezuela has been summoned to explain Saturday's event

  Ethiopia   Ethiopian millions 'risk hunger'  Unicef: Six million children in Ethiopia are at risk of acute malnutrition following the failure of rains

  U.S. Supreme Court Nazi guard loses last US appeal  John Demjanjuk, 88, accused of being a guard at a death camp during World War II has finally lost his legal fight to stay in the United States

Evening News

  Colombia     FARC commander calls for dialogue  The commander of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia's Force 47 told reporters that 'the solution is not through war. There must be dialogue'

  Sichuan     Warning panics quake zone Map of Sichuan  Tens of thousands of people have rushed from their homes after a government warning of a possible major aftershock

  Dallas Wings advance to Cup finals  The Red Wings bounced back strong in Game 6 on their way to knocking out the Dallas Stars 4-1

  New Orleans Spurs bounce Hornets  Ginobili scored 26 points, hitting 4 free throws in the final minute, to send San Antonio to the Western Conference finals with a 91-82 victory

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