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Disasters Main Event: Zenit shuts out Ranger...
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1. 05-14 Child-killing virus hits Beijing Beijing
2. 05-14 Quake toll close to 15,000 Sichuan
D. 05-14 World number one Henin quits at the top Belgium
E. 05-14 Curfew crackdown after bomb blasts Jaipur, India
05-14 Zenit shuts out Rangers for UEFA Cup Northern England
6. 05-14 Girl pulled from rubble after 50 hours Sichuan
7. 05-14 UN raises Burma cyclone estimate Myanmar
I. 05-14 Officials reverse anti-Hezbollah decisions Beirut
J. 05-14 Edwards endorses Obama in US race White House, USA


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Morning News

May.14   Beijing   Child-killing virus hits Beijing  The death toll in outbreak of hand-foot-mouth disease has risen to 42 children, with the capital Beijing reporting its first case

  Sichuan     Quake toll close to 15,000 Map of Sichuan  More than 25,000 are still trapped in the rubble 2 days after the quake, causing landslides and razing homes, schools and whole villages

  Belgium World number one Henin quits at the top  Justine Henin is quitting professional tennis with immediate effect. She has won seven grand slams

  India Curfew crackdown after bomb blasts  Police imposed a curfew in Jaipur, a day after near-simultaneous bomb attacks killed at least 63 people and wounded more than 200

Day News

  Northern England   Zenit shuts out Rangers for UEFA Cup
  Zenit St. Petersburg won its first European trophy, and Russia's second, by beating Glasgow 2-0 in the UEFA Cup final

  Sichuan     Girl pulled from rubble after 50 hours
Map of Sichuan
  A frightened schoolgirl was pulled safely from the rubble of a school dormitory. More than 4.3 million homes collapsed or sustained damage

  Myanmar     UN raises Burma cyclone estimate
  The UN has sharply increased its estimate of those severely affected by cyclone Nargis to 2.5m people

  Beirut Officials reverse anti-Hezbollah decisions  Cabinet reversed two decisions that triggered violence among anti-government militants last week

  USA Edwards endorses Obama in US race  The former Democratic presidential contender, John Edwards, has endorsed Barack Obama's bid for the White House

  Israel Bush arrives in Israel  Bush arrived to prod the oft-stalled Mideast peace process. The talks are largely secret

Evening News

  Sichuan     China steps up rescue operation Map of Sichuan  China is mobilising 30,000 extra troops and 90 helicopters to help with the rescue operation after devastating earthquake
 10 million people have been directly affected by the 7.9 quake that flattened entire villages

  UN UN chief to send envoy to Burma  Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon plans to send a senior official to urge Burma's military leaders to open up to foreign aid

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