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1. 12-04 Hebron settlers evicted by force Hebron, West Bank
2. 12-04 Kenya PM calls for Mugabe removal Kenya
D. 12-04 Cholera national emergency declared Zimbabwe
E. 12-04 Carmakers 'affect entire economy' U.S. Senate
F. 12-04 Police continue hunt for Mladic Belgrade
12-04 Canada halts parliament amid row Canada
H. 12-04 Cruise ship strikes ice, stranded on coast Antarctica
I. 12-04 Car bomb kills 2 U.S. soldiers Mosul
9. 12-04 Nasa delays its next Mars mission USA


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Morning News

Dec.4   West Bank   Hebron settlers evicted by force Map of Hebron Israel
  Israeli forces have evicted about 200 Jewish settlers from a disputed building in the mainly Palestinian city

  Kenya     Kenya PM calls for Mugabe removal  Raila Odinga: Power-sharing in Zimbabwe is dead and it is time for African governments to oust Robert Mugabe

  Zimbabwe     Cholera national emergency declared  The government has declared a national emergency in the face of a cholera outbreak and appealed for help for its hospitals

  U.S. Senate Carmakers 'affect entire economy'  The chairman of the Senate committee deciding whether to rescue the Detroit 3 has said the health of the entire US economy is at stake

  Belgrade Police continue hunt for Mladic  Masked policemen scoured through the home of Ratko Mladic's son and 4 other sites in the capital in an intensified hunt for the genocide suspect

Day News

  Canada   Canada halts parliament amid row
  Prime Minister Harper has won a bid to suspend parliament, blocking an opposition attempt to topple his minority government

  Antarctica   Cruise ship strikes ice, stranded on coast
  The Ushuaia, carrying 89 passengers and 33 crew members, was stranded on the coast of Antarctica after striking ice

  Mosul Car bomb kills 2 U.S. soldiers  Bombings across Iraq claimed the lives of at least 22 people, including U.S. soldiers, tribal leaders

  USA Nasa delays its next Mars mission  The space agency has delayed the launch of its Mars Science Laboratory rover mission, which has been dogged by testing and hardware problems

Evening News

  Japan   Global crisis ends Honda F1 dream  Honda, which spent more than 300m a year on F1, is blaming the world economic crisis for plans to sell its team

  Thailand   Bangkok airport resumes operation Map of Bangkok airport Thailand  Suvarnabhumi , Thailand's main international airport, has officially resumed full operations, 2 days after anti-government protesters left the site

  Mumbai Authorities: Mumbai attackers had help  Indian security sources: A Bangladeshi national bought cell phone SIM cards for the attackers at several locations inside India

  U.S. Congress US carmakers' plea under scrutiny  Bosses from America's big three car companies face a second day of grilling over their request for a multi-billion dollar bailout

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