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12-03 Nations sign cluster bomb treaty Norway
C. 12-03 Thai flights resume after week of protests Thailand
D. 12-03 US urges Pakistan help on Mumbai New Delhi
4. 12-03 Police: suspect admits Pakistan link Mumbai
5. 12-03 Hebron on edge after recent clashes Hebron, West Bank
G. 12-03 PM vows to stop opposition Canada
7. 12-03 US gives Mexico anti-drug funding Mexico
I. 12-03 Rice urges tough Pakistan action Islamabad, Pakistan
J. 12-03 Auto union makes key concessions USA


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Morning News

Dec.3   Norway   Nations sign cluster bomb treaty
  The first of more than 100 countries (excluding US, Russia and China) have begun signing a treaty to ban current designs of cluster

  Thailand   Thai flights resume after week of protests
  International flights to and from Bangkok are gradually resuming after week-long anti-government demonstrations at airports

  New Delhi     US urges Pakistan help on Mumbai  Secretary of State Rice has said that Pakistan must act 'fully and transparently' in efforts to bring the Mumbai attackers to justice

  Mumbai Police: suspect admits Pakistan link  The only surviving suspect in the deadly attacks has reportedly given up information, including his name and details on a 3-month training in Pakistan

  West Bank Hebron on edge after recent clashes  A tense calm gripped the city after rioting and serious clashes between Jewish settlers and Palestinians that saw at least 11 people wounded

Day News

  Canada   PM vows to stop opposition  Stephen Harper has said he will use 'every legal means' to block plans by the opposition to topple his minority government
 Prime Minister appealed directly to Canadians for support, vowing in a nationally tv address on the economy that he will do all he can to halt his opponents from carrying out a no-confidence vote

  Mexico US gives Mexico anti-drug funding  A $197m aid package to help Mexico fight drugs cartels as part of the Merida Initiative has been released by the US government

Evening News

  Pakistan     Rice urges tough Pakistan action Map of Islamabad Pakistan
  US Secretary of State has called on the Pakistani government to take a 'tough line' on terrorism after arriving in Islamabad for talks

  USA   Auto union makes key concessions  The United Auto Workers says it is willing to make key concessions to help the Detroit Three carmakers secure vital government aid

  Los Angeles Lil' Wayne heads Grammy nominees  US rapper Lil' Wayne has been nominated for 8 Grammy awards, including album of the year for Tha Carter III. Coldplay followed close behind

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