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12-26 Pakistan moves troops to India border Pakistan
2. 12-26 Coup-hit Guinea burying ex-leader Guinea
D. 12-26 27 dead after apartment blast Yevpatoria, Crimea
E. 12-26 Militants in police battle Ramadi, Sunni Triangle
F. 12-26 Five die in disco stampede Peru
6. 12-26 US warning on South Asia tension Washington
7. 12-26 Senegal leader backs Guinea coup Senegal
8. 12-26 Pakistan mourners honour Bhutto Pakistan
9. 12-26 U.N. to launch Bhutto death investigation Pakistan


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Morning News

Dec.26   Pakistan     Pakistan moves troops to India border
  Pakistani troops have been moved from western border with Afghanistan to the Indian border amid fears of an Indian ground incursion
 India has advised its citizens against travelling to Pakistan as tension continues

  Guinea     Coup-hit Guinea burying ex-leader Map of Guinea  The funeral is under way of former President Lansana Conte, whose death this week after 24 years in office triggered a military coup

  Crimea   27 dead after apartment blast Map of Yevpatoria Ukraine  The final death toll from a Christmas Eve explosion in a five-story apartment building has increased to 27 people, including three children

  Sunni Triangle Militants in police battle  6 Iraqi policemen and 7 detained militants have been killed as the prisoners attempted to escape from a police station

  Peru Five die in disco stampede  Police were searching for the person who threw a tear gas canister into an unlicensed discotheque early Christmas Day

Day News

  Washington     US warning on South Asia tension  The United States has urged India and Pakistan to avoid unnecessarily tension amid reports of troop movements to the border

  Senegal Senegal leader backs Guinea coup  President Abdoulaye Wade has urged the world community to recognise the military junta which seized power earlier this week

Evening News

  Pakistan     Pakistan mourners honour Bhutto
  Tens of thousands of people have gathered at the mausoleum of Benazir Bhutto to mark the first anniversary of her assassination

  Pakistan U.N. to launch Bhutto death investigation  The United Nations is working to establish a commission to investigate the assassination of former Prime Minister, whose death came a year ago

  Guinea Junta seeks to woo envoys  New military junta is set to hold talks with foreign envoys in a bid 'reassure the international community' about their intentions

  Yucatan Missing ship passenger sought off Mexico  Searchers looking for a woman believed to have fallen from a cruise ship off the coast of Mexico have seen no sign of her

  Zimbabwe Child malnutrition rises  Acute child malnutrition in parts of the country has increased by almost two-thirds compared with last year

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