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Crime Main Event: Tourist bus crash kills 24
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12-16 Tourist bus crash kills 24 Eilat, Southern Israel
2. 12-16 Sicilian mafia 'decapitated' by raid Palermo, Sicily
D. 12-16 Militant shot dead by Israeli forces Jenin, West Bank
E. 12-16 Subaru quits world rally championship Japan
5. 12-16 Madoff grilling for US watchdog Washington
G. 12-16 Passengers saved from dangling gondolas Whistler, British Columbia, Canada
7. 12-16 Somali pirates can be pursued on land UN Security Council
I. 12-16 Bush brushes off shoe attack Washington
J. 12-16 Call for record Opec output cut Algeria


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Morning News

Dec.16   Southern Israel   Tourist bus crash kills 24
Map of Eilat Israel
  A bus carrying Russian tourists from St. Petersburg came off a desert road and rolled down a steep slope near the Red Sea resort of Eilat
 The tourists had only just arrived and were being transported to Eilat from Ovda airport in the Negev desert

  Sicily   Sicilian mafia 'decapitated' by raid Map of Palermo Italy  Paramilitary police carried out massive arrests against the Sicilian mafia in Palermo, 'decapitating' the organization's leadership structure

  West Bank Militant shot dead by Israeli forces  Israeli security forces shot and killed a Palestinian militant near the town of Jenin

  Japan Subaru quits world rally championship  The world rally championship is facing a major crisis after Subaru announced on that it was quitting the competition ahead of the 2009 season

Day News

  Washington     Madoff grilling for US watchdog  The Securities and Exchange Commission has ordered an in-house investigation into why it did not detect the $50bn fraud case sooner

  Canada   Passengers saved from dangling gondolas Map of Whistler British Columbia Canada  Passengers have been rescued from a gondola dangling over a freezing creek after the tower snapped in half at a ski resort

  UN Security Council Somali pirates can be pursued on land  The resolution aimed at combating piracy along the Horn of Africa by allowing military forces to chase pirates onto land in cases of 'hot pursuit'

  Washington Bush brushes off shoe attack  The president has 'no hard feelings' about the Iraqi journalist Muntadar al-Zaidi who flung shoes at him

Evening News

  Algeria     Call for record Opec output cut
  Opec leaders are gathering under pressure from Saudi Arabia to make their biggest ever single cut in output as prices plunge

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