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10-26 Guard 'ready to defend revolution' Iran
C. 10-26 Apple ready to set Leopard free San Francisco Bay Area
D. 10-26 Iraq, Turkey hold critical talks Ankara, Turkey
E. 10-26 Junta frees Suu Kyi supporters Myanmar
5. 10-26 Putin: 'U.S. plan is Cuban missile crisis' Portugal
G. 10-26 Ex-president released from jail Philippines
7. 10-26 Rebel snub threatens Darfur talks Darfur
I. 10-26 Wind lull calms fires San Diego
J. 10-26 Bhutto visits ancestral village Sindh, Pakistan


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Morning News

Oct.26   Iran   Guard 'ready to defend revolution'
  The leader of Revolutionary Guard vowed that the military group was ready to defend the revolution after the U.S. imposed sanctions

  San Francisco Bay Area Apple ready to set Leopard free  The latest update of the Apple Mac operating system OS X, goes on sale

  Turkey Iraq, Turkey hold critical talks  A high-level Iraqi delegation met with Turkish counterparts in Ankara for talks aimed at averting a full-scale cross-border offensive by Turkish forces

  Myanmar Junta frees Suu Kyi supporters  At least 70 people detained by the government following protests, including 50 members of pro-democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi's party

Day News

  Portugal     Putin: 'U.S. plan is Cuban missile crisis'   Russian President compared the U.S. proposal to build a missile defense shield in Eastern Europe to the missile crisis of the 1960s
 Putin, at a summit with EU leaders, said the situation was 'technologically similar'

  Philippines Ex-president released from jail  Ousted President Joseph Estrada released after his successor pardoned his graft conviction to bridge the Philippines' deep political rifts

  Darfur Rebel snub threatens Darfur talks  UN-African Union talks aimed at ending the four-year war in the region are due to open in Libya

  San Diego Wind lull calms fires  Firefighters are taking advantage of a break in the weather to contain the remaining major wildfires near San Diego

Evening News

  Pakistan     Bhutto visits ancestral village Map of Sindh Pakistan  Former Prime Minister has arrived under heavy security at her ancestral village in Larkana in southern Sindh province

  Washington US threat over Iraq embassy staff  The state department may have to force some diplomats to work in Iraq to fill vacancies at the embassy

San Francisco Bay Area , October 26, 2007 Timeline