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Crime Main Event: Brown: Let work of change ...
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06-27 Brown: Let work of change begin London
2. 06-27 Protesters torch gas stations Iran
D. 06-27 FIFA climbs down on altitude rule Global
E. 06-27 Hamas criticises Blair envoy move Gaza
F. 06-27 Bush faces eavesdropping subpoena U.S. Senate
G. 06-27 Ex-Peruvian leader to run in Japan race Japan
H. 06-27 UN issues desertification warning UN
8. 06-27 Coup leaders ordered freed Grenada
9. 06-27 Police kill 13 suspected drug traffickers Rio de Janeiro


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Morning News

Jun.27   London     Brown: Let work of change begin
  Gordon Brown is the UK's new prime minister after replacing the outgoing Tony Blair, following an audience with Queen Elizabeth II
 The man who has been Blair's chancellor for the past 10 years. Blair had earlier received an emotional and unprecedented standing ovation from MPs as he left Parliament

  Iran   Protesters torch gas stations  The government's last-minute decision to ration monthly fuel allotments and increase the price of gas, triggered an outbreak of protests and riots

  Global FIFA climbs down on altitude rule  FIFA has relaxed its ban on World Cup qualifiers being played at altitude, imposing a limtit of 3,000 metres

Day News

  Gaza     Hamas criticises Blair envoy move   The movement has criticised the appointment of former UK Prime Minister as an international Middle East peace envoy

  U.S. Senate Bush faces eavesdropping subpoena  The Senate has issued a subpoena ordering the White House to give up documents related to its surveillance of domestic terror suspects

  Japan Ex-Peruvian leader to run in Japan race  Disgraced ex-President Alberto Fujimori has decided to run in the election for Japan's upper house of parliament in July

  UN UN issues desertification warning  Tens of millions could be driven from their homes by encroaching deserts, particularly in sub-Saharan Africa and Central Asia

Evening News

  Grenada Coup leaders ordered freed  3 men walked out of a prison after nearly a quarter century behind bars for their roles in a bloody 1983 coup that led to a U.S. invasion

  Rio de Janeiro Police kill 13 suspected drug traffickers  A huge operation aimed at ending a war between authorities and gangs that has raged for nearly 2 months in a slum

  Venezuela Mexico stuns Brazil, 2-0 at Copa  Nery Castillo scored a sublime goal to set Mexico on their way to a shocking 2-0 win over defending champions at the Copa America

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