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1. 06-13 Peres elected Israel's president Jerusalem
2. 06-13 Abbas warns of collapse in Gaza Gaza
D. 06-13 Blast rocks waterfront Beirut
4. 06-13 Strike escalates South Africa
F. 06-13 Hamas bombs, controls compound Gaza
06-13 Lebanese lawmaker killed in blast Beirut
H. 06-13 Sunni insurgents storm Sunni mosques Baghdad
8. 06-13 Hamas and Fatah 'agree on ceasefire' Gaza


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Morning News

Jun.13   Jerusalem     Peres elected Israel's president
  Elder statesman Shimon Peres was elected 9th president, capping a campaign to extend his six-decade political career

  Gaza     Abbas warns of collapse in Gaza  Palestinian Authority President has warned that continuing violence risks taking the region to the point of collapse

  Beirut   Blast rocks waterfront  An explosion killing at least four people near an amusement park and club used by military personnel

  South Africa   Strike escalates  Thousands of public sector workers have taken part in peaceful marches across major cities as unions stepped up strike action over pay

  Ohio Spurs one away from NBA title win  San Antonio moved to the brink of their third title in the last five years after grinding out a 75-72 victory over Cleveland

  Gaza Hamas bombs, controls compound  Hamas militants killed at least 11 members of the Fatah after setting off explosives in a tunnel beneath a security compound

Day News

  Beirut   Lebanese lawmaker killed in blast
  Walid Eido, an anti-Syrian member of the Lebanese parliament died in a bomb blast. 6 other people died and 11 were wounded in the explosion

  Baghdad   Sunni insurgents storm Sunni mosques
  Gunmen stormed a mosque in southwestern Baghdad's Bayaa area, a Shiite neighborhood

  Gaza     Hamas and Fatah 'agree on ceasefire'   Rival Palestinian factions have agreed to the terms of a new truce to end days of fighting that has left 80 people dead

  Vatican Vatican urges end to Amnesty aid  The Vatican is accusing the human rights group of promoting abortion

  Guatemala Earthquake strikes off Guatemala  A 6.8 magnitude earthquake struck just off the Pacific coast. Some homes were damaged and people may be missing

Evening News

  China N Korea funds transfer 'to begin'  The transfer of funds from a bank in Macau ,a key issue in nuclear disarmament talks, is about to begin

  Beirut Day of mourning  Lebanon prepared to bury anti-Syrian parliament member Walid Eido, a day after a bomb killed him and 9 others in Beirut

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