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Crime Main Event: Taliban kills South Korean...
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07-25 Taliban kills South Korean hostage Afghanistan
C. 07-25 Sarkozy to boost EU-Libya links Tripoli, Libya
D. 07-25 Lebanon army on 'final assault' Northern Lebanon
4. 07-25 Mozambique to curb human trafficking Mozambique
F. 07-25 Gul hints at presidency Turkey
G. 07-25 Leader Rasmussen kicked off Tour France
7. 07-25 Bombers target soccer celebrations Baghdad
8. 07-25 Bush aides face contempt charge House of Representatives


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Morning News

Jul.25   Afghanistan     Taliban kills South Korean hostage
  One of 23 held hostage has been killed because Taliban demands hadn't been met

  Libya     Sarkozy to boost EU-Libya links
Map of Tripoli Libya
  French President is travelling to Tripoli to meet Gaddafi, a day after the release of six foreign medics

  Northern Lebanon   Lebanon army on 'final assault'  Troops advanced towards fortified positions of Islamist militants Fatah al-Islam at a Palestinian refugee camp Nahr al-Bared

  Mozambique Mozambique to curb human trafficking  Mozambique has become a key route for adults and children sold into forced labor and prostitution

  Turkey Gul hints at presidency  Foreign Minister Abdullah Gul says he has not ruled out reviving his presidential bid, days after his AK Party won 46% of the vote in an election

Day News

  France   Leader Rasmussen kicked off Tour
  Michael Rasmussen has been kicked out of the Tour de France and sacked by his Rabobank team. He missed out-of-competition drugs tests

  Baghdad   Bombers target soccer celebrations
  Car bombers targeted throngs of Iraqis as they spilled into streets to cheer a national soccer victory, killing at least 50 people
 Attacking revelers in the Mansour district, a suicide bomber killed at least 30 people. Later, in the neighborhood of Ghadir, a second car bomb killed at least 20. The team beat South Korea 4-3 on penalties in the semi-final match in Kuala Lumpur

  House of Representatives Bush aides face contempt charge  The judiciary committee of the House of Reps has voted to file a contempt of Congress charge against Joshua Bolten and Harriet Miers

Evening News

  South Korea     S Korea urges release of hostages
  The government condemned the Taleban for the death of one of the hostages, while sending an envoy to negotiate for the others' release

  Jordan Iraq neighbours want refugee aid  Jordan is hosting a conference aimed at finding ways to ease the burden of countries with large numbers of Iraqi refugees

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