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Bill to give legal status to illegal immigrants  The White House and the Senate have reached a deal that could give legal status to many of the 12m illegal immigrants in the US Senate set for immigration battle  The Senate is set to begin debating a key bill that could give legal status to many of the estimated 12 million illegals Senate kills US immigration bill  A bill to reform immigration law has failed, after the Senate failed to vote to make progress on the measure   Bush faces eavesdropping subpoena  The Senate has issued a subpoena ordering the White House to give up documents related to its surveillance of domestic terror suspects   Vote dashes Bush immigration plan
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Gonzales faces tough Senate panel  US Attorney General is taking tough questions from the Judiciary Committee over the sacking of federal prosecutors Congress backs Iraq pull-out plan
  Senators attack Bush Iraq plan  Senior legislators from both parties have attacked plans to send more than 20,000 extra troops to Iraq   Senators to Bush: Stay out of Iran  President's warnings to Iran and Syria to not interfere in Iraq raised eyebrows Thursday on Capitol Hill Senators oppose Iraq troop boost  2 Democrats and a Republican have agreed on a resolution to oppose Bush's plan to increase troop numbers Senate panel rejects Iraq plan  The committee has rejected Bush's plan to send extra troops, passing the measure to a full Senate vote Republicans block Iraq war debate  A resolution opposing Bush's decision to send extra troops to Iraq has failed to advance in the Senate: 49, with 47 voting against Senate votes for Iraq deadline

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  The Senate has endorsed a deadline of March 2008 for the withdrawal of US troops from Iraq
 The Senate rejected an amendment that would have removed the troop withdrawal clause from a bill on military funding

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  The Senate has voted to approve a bill which requires US troops to start withdrawing by October
 President Bush has said he will veto the Democrat-sponsored bill

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  The Senate has blocked a vote on a landmark bill, dealing a major blow to one of President's key policy planks

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Jul.17   Marathon Iraq talks in Senate  The Senate is holding an all-night session as the Democrats seek to pass legislation requiring an early withdrawal of troops from Iraq

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Aug.2   Senate tightens lobbying rules
  The Senate has voted in favour of a bill to tighten rules on lobbying and ethics for lawmakers, following its approval in the House of Reps Aug.3     Bush eavesdropping bill gets boost  The Senate voted to temporarily give Bush expanded authority to eavesdrop on suspected foreign terrorists without court warrants Aug.23   Top Republican urges Iraq pullout
  John Warner, an influential senator, has called for the withdrawal of some 5,000 US troops from Iraq by the year's end

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Sep.19   US troops' Iraq leave bid blocked  Senate Republicans have blocked a bid by Democrats to give troops more home leave, a plan opposed by the administration

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Nov.8   New US attorney general confirmed  The Senate has confirmed Michael Mukasey as the new attorney general despite misgivings from some senators who were unhappy at his answers

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Dec.14   Senate passes Iraq funds bill
  The Senate has authorised more spending for the war, without tying the bill to a timetable for troop withdrawal, a key Democratic demand Dec.18   Senate passes $70B in war funds
  After months of stalemate, the Senate passed a government spending bill that includes billions of dollars requested by Bush to continue the war in Iraq

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