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Fighting resumes  Heavy clashes between the Lebanese army and al Qaeda-linked Islamic militants broke a weeklong truce in northern Lebanon Fresh fighting hits camp  Heavy fighting has resumed in northern Lebanon between the Lebanese army and Islamic militants entrenched in a Palestinian refugee camp Fighting kills at least 14 Map of Tripoli Lebanon
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Fresh clashes in northern Lebanon Map of Tripoli Lebanon  Lebanese troops and Islamist militants Fatah Islam have clashed in Tripoli for a 2nd day, after earlier violence left at least 23 soldiers dead Thousands flee refugee battle Map of Tripoli Lebanon
Islamic militants, security forces battle Map of Tripoli Lebanon

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  Tanks pounded a militant group's headquarters in a Palestinian camp near Tripoli after the city's worst clashes killed 37 people
 14 fighters from the radical Fatah Islam group, linked to al-Qaeda, and 22 Lebanese soldiers died in intense battles
  Some 2,000 Palestinians have fled a refugee camp near Tripoli amid a lull in the clashes between militants of the Fatah al-Islam.    Residents of the Nahr al-Bared camp have been trapped as troops exchanged fire with Islamist milita...

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  Lebanese soldiers, backed by gunboats, artillery and tanks, entered a Palestinian camp that has hosted days of fierce fighting north of Tripoli
Jun.5   Lebanese troops pound refugee camp  The troops pounded Islamic militants hiding in a Palestinian camp Nahr el-Bared in northern Lebanon to crush the Fatah Islam fighters Jun.12   Army shells refugee camp  The Lebanese army fired heavy artillery into the Nahr el-Bared Palestinian camp to force Islamist militants from the camp Jun.19   Two dead in fighting  Lebanon's army battled al Qaeda-inspired fighters in a Palestinian refugee camp as the troops inched toward the militants' strongholds Jun.21   Defense minister: Militants crushed
  Lebanon's defense minister declared victory over the Fatah Islam, saying it had been crushed after a military assault on its stronghold in a refugee camp
Jun.23   Booby trap in camp kills Lebanese soldiers  3 soldiers were killed while dismantling a bomb placed by al Qaeda-inspired Islamic militants in a Palestinian refugee camp Jun.24   10 die as clashes move to Tripoli   Lebanese troops raided a house suspected of containing al-Qaeda-inspired militants, sparking a gunbattle Jun.29   Palestinian marchers shot at  Government soldiers shot at angry demonstrators trying to march home to their besieged camp, and two people were reported killed

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Jul.12   Army launches assault against militants
  The Lebanese army pounded a Palestinian refugee camp with heavy artillery in 'a final bid to oust the Islamist militants entrenched inside' Jul.25   Lebanon army on 'final assault'  Troops advanced towards fortified positions of Islamist militants Fatah al-Islam at a Palestinian refugee camp Nahr al-Bared

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Aug.24   Truce as women flee camp
  The families of Islamist militants, besieged by Lebanese troops for 3 months at a Palestinian camp, have been evacuated

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Sep.2   Army 'in control' of camp
  Lebanon's army has taken full control of a Palestinian refugee camp where its troops have been battling Fatah al-Islam militants
Sep.3   Terror leader possibly dead after siege  Shaker al-Abssi, the leader of an Islamist militant group may be among the 39 insurgents killed as Lebanese forces overtook a refugee camp

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05-20 Islamic militants, security forces battle Tripoli, Northern Lebanon
C. 05-20 Fresh clashes in northern Lebanon Tripoli, Northern Lebanon
D. 05-22 Thousands flee refugee battle Tripoli, Northern Lebanon
E. 05-29 Fighting resumes Northern Lebanon
F. 05-31 Fresh fighting hits camp Northern Lebanon
G. 06-01 Fighting kills at least 14 Tripoli, Northern Lebanon
H. 06-05 Lebanese troops pound refugee camp Northern Lebanon
I. 06-12 Army shells refugee camp Northern Lebanon
J. 06-19 Two dead in fighting Northern Lebanon

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