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Rape charge for Israeli president President to stand down temporarily   President: I'm not guilty, I won't resign
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Olmert, Rice agree to talks with Abbas Military chief quits over war performance
  Rice begins Mid-East peace push

January 2007 ... more > Top ^
Jan.7  Israel denies report it plans to attack Iran
  US Secretary of State begins a renewed effort to revive stalled negotiations between Israelis and Palestinians
  The Israel Defense Forces' chief of staff, Lt. Gen. Dan Halutz was under pressure since the end of war against Hezbollah.    The 34-day war failed in of recovering tw...
Jan.22  Palestinian turned Jew charged in terror
  Moshe Katsav is lashing out at the Israeli media for 'letting my blood' and 'brainwashing' the Israeli public
Jan.25  Israel MPs allow Katsav absence Jan.29  First Muslim Cabinet minister for Israel

February 2007 ... more > Top ^
Feb.9   Israeli police, Muslims clash at holy site
  Police stormed Islam's 3rd-holiest shrine, firing stun grenades and tear gas to disperse hundreds of worshippers
 Palestinians barricaded themselves in the al-Aqsa mosque. The police moved in to quell violent protests against excavation work in the area
Feb.12  Mayor to calm Muslim fears over walkway Feb.19     Rice holds key Middle East summit  US-brokered talks between the leaders of Israel and the Palestinians have begun Feb.20     Rice talks with Israelis, Palestinians  U.S. Secretary of State held 'productive' talks with Israeli and Palestinian leaders

March 2007 ... more > Top ^
Mar.27 Olmert, Abbas agree to hold regular talks

April 2007 ... more > Top ^
Apr.1     Olmert to Arab leaders: Let's talk peace  Israeli Prime Minister invited Arab leaders to a regional peace conference, saying that he hoped for an exchange of views Apr.6   Peace pleas punctuate Good Friday  Thousands of pilgrims, carrying large wooden crosses, wound their way through the narrow lanes of Old City Apr.15 Olmert-Abbas talks called 'good beginning'
Apr.25 Israel probes Arab politician Apr.29 PM faces review over Lebanon war Apr.30     'Severe failure' over Lebanon war
  Ehud Olmert has been criticised by government inquiry panel over his handling of Israel's conflict in Lebanon in 2006

May 2007 ... more > Top ^
May.2     Olmert should go, Israeli FM says
  Tzipi Livni has called on Prime Minister to resign in the wake of a report critical of his handling of last year's war in Lebanon May.27     Israel PM vows more Gaza action  Ehud Olmert says a crackdown against Hamas will continue, after an Israeli man in the town of Sderot was killed by a rocket fired from Gaza May.28 Army gets green light for Gaza ground ops Peretz 'loses' Labour party vote

June 2007 ... more > Top ^
Jun.12 Barak wins Labor Party runoff
Jun.13     Peres elected Israel's president  Elder statesman Shimon Peres was elected 9th president, capping a campaign to extend his six-decade political career Jun.16     US 'to unblock' Palestinian aid  The US will lift a 15-month embargo on aid to the Palestinians once a new government excluding Hamas is sworn in Israel praises Hamas-free cabinet Jun.24   Israel to free Palestinian funds
  Israel has approved the release of frozen tax funds to the government of Palestinian Authority President Abbas Jun.25   Mid-East Quartet to debate crisis  The Quartet mediators is meeting in Jerusalem to assess the situation in the region, for the first time since Hamas seized Gaza Jun.26     Mid-East group debates Blair role  EU, Russia, the UN and US, the Quartet mediators, is considering naming Tony Blair for a top peacemaking post

July 2007 ... more > Top ^
Jul.1 Israel releases Palestinian funds
Jul.4     BBC man: I felt buried alive   Alan Johnston hanked his supporters and saying he was moved by all the people who took the time to support him when he needed it most Jul.8 Release of Palestinian prisoners approved     Palestinian PM holds Israel talks  Israeli Foreign Minister Livni has met the Palestinian PM, Salam Fayyad, for the first time since he took office last month Arab League to visit Israel Jul.15 Key Palestinian exile may return Jul.23     Envoy Blair on mission to Israel   Tony Blair is beginning a 2-day visit on his first mission as special envoy to the Middle East

August 2007 ... more > Top ^
Aug.5 Israel faces Holocaust protests
Aug.27 Israeli father rejects Hamas claim

September 2007 ... more > Top ^
Sep.19   Israel: Gaza is 'hostile entity'
  The Israeli security Cabinet declared Hamas-controlled Gaza a 'hostile entity' in response to continued Palestinian rocket attacks Sep.24     PM faces corruption probe  The justice ministry: Ehud Olmert is to face a criminal investigation into his purchase of a Jerusalem property

October 2007 ... more > Top ^
Oct.2 Israel confirms airstrike in Syria
Oct.8 Olmert pledges major peace push Oct.13 Rice to press Mid-East conference Oct.25   Israel approves Gaza power cuts  Defence minister Barak has approved sanctions, including cuts in the supply of electricity and fuel to try to halt rocket attacks Oct.29 PM has prostate cancer

November 2007 ... more > Top ^
Nov.19 Israel to release 450 prisoners
Nov.29 Police to recommend not charging Olmert

December 2007 ... more > Top ^
Dec.11 Olmert: Keep pressure on Iran
Dec.19     Hamas leader: I'm open to talks  Speaking by phone to an Israeli television reporter, Ismail Haniya has said he would be willing to negotiate a cease-fire with Israel Dec.23 Israel confirms settlement plans Dec.25 Israel: cluster bomb use was legal Dec.27 Olmert, Abbas try to revive talks

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