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Cuban spies appeal for US retrial  5 Cubans convicted in the US of spying for Havana are saying they were found guilty because of anti-Castro bias Castro 'very well'  Foreign Minister Felipe Perez Roque: Cuban leader is determined to fully recover from ill health Castro on TV appears gaunt but lucid
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Revolutionary Vilma Espin dies  She was the wife of acting President Raul Castro and one of the nation's most politically powerful women Fidel absent as Cuba celebrates
Report: Castro in serious condition   Chavez admits Castro gravely ill  Venezuelan President: Cuban leader is battling to save his life   Castro up and talking in new video   Cuban tv broadcast scenes of what it said was a leader meeting with Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez Castro eating as health improves   Castro 'to be fit to hold power'  The ailing President will be 'in perfect shape' to run for re-election to parliament, the head of the National Assembly Gov't backers break up rally Castro criticizing U.S. on environment   Castro almost better, Chavez says  Venezuelan President: Cuban leader is 'almost totally recovered' from intestinal surgery last year   'Active' Castro meets China envoy  Photographs of Fidel meeting with the head of a visiting Chinese delegation were published in Cuba's party newspaper   Chavez: Fidel Castro is 'in charge'  Venezuelan President: Cuban President is back 'in charge' after undergoing intestinal surgery in July Castro fails to appear on May Day   80-year-old Fidel was not present at the start of Havana's annual parade, despite speculation that he would make an appearance US drops Cuban militant's charges  A judge has dropped immigration charges against Luis Posada Carriles, who has been accused of blowing up a Cuban airliner Castro says his health 'improved'  In an article, Cuban President says his health has improved after undergoing several intestinal operations Castro interview focuses on past

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  A healthier looking Fidel appeared on Cuban TV, speaking slowly and focusing on past memories rather than his recovery.    80-year-old leader was ...

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  The acting president, Raul, is leading revolution day celebrations, filling in for his ailing brother

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  The ailing Cuban leader spoke about a variety of issues in a taped interview that aired on Cuban state television

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Oct.6   Bus in deadly collision with train
Map of Granma Cuba
  At least 28 people have been killed and dozens more injured after a train crashed into a bus at a level crossing
Oct.8   Guevara honored on death' anniversary  Fidel Castro paid homage to 'Che' . Many of the relatives and former comrades gathered in to mark the 40th anniversary of his capture Oct.14     Castro speaks live on Chavez show   Ailing Cuban leader has spoken by phone on a live tv program hosted by Venezuelan President Oct.24     Bush reaffirms Cuba embargo  U.S. President ruled out any easing of the decades-old U.S. trade embargo but proposed loosening some restrictions on contacts Oct.30   Tropical Storm Noel hammers  Weather models show the storm could reach Category 1 hurricane status, with top wind speeds between 74 to 95 mph Oct.31   Noel expected to regain strength  Tropical storm, which killed 48 people in the Dominican Republic, Haiti and Cuba, was lingering along the Cuban coast

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Dec.10     Cuba makes human rights promise
  Foreign Minister Felipe Perez Roque: Cuba is going to sign up to two major United Nations agreements on civil and political rights Dec.17   Fidel Castro hints at retirement
  The ailing communist leader has said he has a duty not to hold on to power or obstruct the rise of younger people

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