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B. 09-05 'Taleban' in peace deal North Waziristan, Tribal Areas
2. 09-05 Court chief backs conservative win Mexico
D. 09-05 PM 'to seek Abbas talks' Jerusalem
E. 09-05 Pictures show thinner Castro Cuba
F. 09-05 Tape 'shows Irwin's last moments' Australia
G. 09-05 Overloaded boat sinks in lake, killing 35 Congo
09-05 Princess gives birth to boy Japan
8. 09-05 Judge: Calderon to lead Mexico Mexico
J. 09-05 PM gone within year, allies say London


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Morning News

Sep.5   Tribal Areas     'Taleban' in peace deal Map of North Waziristan Pakistan
  Pakistan has signed North Waziristan accord with pro-Taleban militants on the Afghan border to end the unrest

  Mexico   Court chief backs conservative win  The president of Mexico's top electoral court recommended that his judges uphold the slim lead of Felipe Calderon

  Jerusalem PM 'to seek Abbas talks'  Ehud Olmert wants to meet Palestinian President as soon as possible after militants release a captured Israeli soldier

  Cuba Pictures show thinner Castro  Castro, 80, said the worst is over and he is recovering well from intestinal surgery one month ago

  Australia Tape 'shows Irwin's last moments'  Videotape of the moment Irwin was hit by a stingray's tail shows the naturalist pulling the barb from his chest

  Congo Overloaded boat sinks in lake, killing 35  High winds and rough waves swamped the boat carrying 90 people on Lake Kivu

Day News

  Japan     Princess gives birth to boy
  39-year-old Kiko has given birth to the third-in-line to the imperial throne after complications in the pregnancy

  Mexico   Judge: Calderon to lead Mexico
  Felipe Calderon was declared president-elect. Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador refused to recognize the victory
 Obrador vowed to lead a parallel leftist government from the streets. Federal Electoral Tribunal rejected allegations of systematic fraud

  London     PM gone within year, allies say  A timetable for Blair's departure from #10 appears to be emerging. He could step down within a year

  Iran Ahmadinejad calls for university purge  The hard-line president urged students to push for a purge of liberal and secular university teachers

  Turkey Turkey to send peacekeepers to Lebanon  The parliament is voting in favor of deployment despite widespread public opposition

Evening News

  Mexico   Calderon makes unity appeal
  Governing party candidate has called for unity with his defeated rival Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador

  Australia Irwin family ponder state funeral  The family of 'Crocodile Hunter' is to reveal whether it will accept a government offer to give him a state funeral

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