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B. 09-30 Congress OKs 700 miles of Mexico fence U.S. Congress
C. 09-30 India: Pakistan behind Mumbai bombings New Delhi
3. 09-30 Rescuers struggle to reach downed jet Amazon
E. 09-30 Russia suspends Georgia pullout Moscow
F. 09-30 EU-US airline data talks collapse European Union
6. 09-30 Wreckage of flight spotted Amazon
09-30 Last Israeli soldier withdraws Southern Lebanon
8. 09-30 4 dead after overpass collapse Montreal
9. 09-30 Dam collapse floods town Northern Nigeria


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Morning News

Sep.30   U.S. Congress     Congress OKs 700 miles of Mexico fence
  Republicans are authorizing a fence along 1/3 of the Mexico border and making a $1.2 billion down payment on it

  New Delhi   India: Pakistan behind Mumbai bombings
  The government accused Pakistan's military spy agency of planning the July 11 train bombings

  Amazon   Rescuers struggle to reach downed jet Map of Amazon  Search planes scouring the dense rainforest have found the wreckage of the Boeing 737 airliner

  Moscow Russia suspends Georgia pullout  A senior Russian army commander says the security of troops could not be guaranteed as they left

Day News

  European Union EU-US airline data talks collapse  EU officials: Talks on sharing confidential airline passenger information have broken down

  Amazon Wreckage of flight spotted  Air force has located the passenger Boeing 737, which disappeared over the rainforest

Evening News

  Southern Lebanon   Last Israeli soldier withdraws
  The last Israeli soldier left Lebanon, more than a month after a U.N. resolution ended the 34-day war

  Montreal   4 dead after overpass collapse Map of Montreal  An overpass near Montreal is crushing two cars. At least 5 people were injured

  Northern Nigeria   Dam collapse floods town  40 people are feared dead in northern Nigeria after 500 houses were swept away by the waters near Gusau

  Baghdad Curfew ends; bomb plot uncovered  Iraqi and U.S. troops are enforcing a tough curfew in a tightly packed city living with daily insurgent strikes

  Brazil Brazil mourns air crash victims  President Lula da Silva has declared 3 days of national mourning after the crash of a passenger plane with 155 people

  Melbourne West Coast beats Sydney in AFL title  The Eagles kicked the first 3 goals before holding on for a 12.13 (85) to 12.12 (84) decision over the Swans

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