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Crime Main Event: Russian officers on spying...
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09-29 Russian officers on spying charge Georgia
2. 09-29 Amnesty: Pakistan kidnaps terror suspects Pakistan
3. 09-29 Hussein judge brother-in-law shot dead Baghdad
E. 09-29 Islamic militias to unite Somalia
5. 09-29 Car explosion kills one Israel
G. 09-29 Toshiba joins Sony battery recall Japan
H. 09-29 Plane lost over Amazon Amazon
I. 09-29 Total curfew declared in capital Baghdad
J. 09-29 VW workers agree to work longer Germany


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Morning News

Sep.29   Georgia   Russian officers on spying charge
  Georgian officials: 4 Russian officers detained in Georgia have been charged with spying

  Pakistan   Amnesty: Pakistan kidnaps terror suspects  Pakistan has abducted hundreds of people for the sake of cooperating with the U.S.-led 'war on terror'

  Baghdad   Hussein judge brother-in-law shot dead  Gunmen have shot dead Kadhim Abdel Hussein, the brother-in-law of the new chief judge in the trial

  Somalia Islamic militias to unite  Fundamentalist militias who have seized control of much of Somalia are to be unified under one Islamic army

  Israel Car explosion kills one  Police said the blast in the town of Rishon Letzion is the work of criminals

  Japan Toshiba joins Sony battery recall  Toshiba and Lenovo to recall laptop batteries made by Sony because of a potential fire risk

Day News

  Amazon   Plane lost over Amazon Map of Amazon
  A search is underway for a passenger plane with at least 150 people on board that has gone missing
 Boeing 737 had struck the plane, which was then able to land. Brazil's airline, Gol was trying to locate executive jet after it went missing from its radar screens

  Baghdad     Total curfew declared in capital
  The Iraqi government has declared an immediate curfew, to run until Sunday morning

  Germany VW workers agree to work longer  Volkswagen has struck a deal with unions to extend the working week of staff at 6 plants without an increase in pay

  Pakistan Pearl father: Punish al Qaeda No. 3  Top al Qaeda operative Khalid Shaikh Mohammed is accused by Pakistan's president of killing the young reporter

Evening News

  Arab Countries     Al Qaeda No. 2: Bush a liar,   Ayman al-Zawahiri released a videotape accusing the U.S. president of being a 'deceitful charlatan'

  Brazil   Relatives await news of jetliner  The air force searched the densely forested Amazon region for a Gol airlines jet with 155 people aboard missing

  Washington Journalist: Bush 'concealing Iraq violence'  Veteran journalist Bob Woodward has claimed that the true extent of insurgent attacks has been hidden

  Kabul Suicide bomber strikes  At least 10 people have died outside the interior ministry; More than 54 people were injured

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