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War & Army Main Event: Senate backs terror t...
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1. 09-28 Militant attacks up despite truce Afghanistan
C. 09-28 Blair, Musharraf meet London
3. 09-28 Kurdish rebel boss in truce plea Turkey
E. 09-28 Iran considers 'fair' nuclear talks Iran
F. 09-28 Disrepute ban for skipper Inzamam Pakistan
G. 09-28 Typhoon Xangsane hits Philippines Philippines
09-28 Senate backs terror trial bill U.S. Senate
I. 09-28 Musharraf faces spy agency fallout London
9. 09-28 NATO to extend Afghan operations NATO


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Morning News

Sep.28   Afghanistan   Militant attacks up despite truce  The attacks near the Pakistan border have tripled in some areas

  London     Blair, Musharraf meet  The talks expected to be frosty given the report that the Pakistani Intelligent Service has links to the Taliban

  Turkey Kurdish rebel boss in truce plea  Jailed rebel leader Ocalan has called on his Kurdistan Workers Party to implement a ceasefire

  Iran Iran considers 'fair' nuclear talks  President Ahmadinejad insisted that Iran would not be deflected from its nuclear plans

  Pakistan Disrepute ban for skipper Inzamam  Pakistan captain has been cleared of ball-tampering, but banned for 4 games for bringing the game into disrepute

  Philippines Typhoon Xangsane hits Philippines  Typhoon unleashed fierce winds and rains, killing at least four people

Day News

  U.S. Senate   Senate backs terror trial bill
  The legislation is endorsing Bush's proposals to interrogate and prosecute foreign terror suspects

  London Musharraf faces spy agency fallout  A leaked British intelligence report is criticizing Pakistan's ability to fight terrorism

  NATO NATO to extend Afghan operations  NATO will extend its mission to cover the whole of the insurgency-hit country

  Iraq Terror tape: 4,000 foreign fighters killed  A man identified as the leader of al Qaeda in Iraq said that more than 4,000 foreign fighters have died

  Canada Canada 'sorry' over deportation  The head of national police force has publicly apologised to Maher Arar deported to Syria after being falsely accused

Evening News

  Kazakhstan Space tourist in Earth touchdown  The first female space tourist, Anousheh Ansari, has landed after a journey back from the ISS

  Japan PM seeks better Asian ties  Prime Minister Shinzo Abe determined to repair relations with China and South Korea

  Uganda Peace talks stall as rebels walk out  Negotiators for Lord's Resistance Army rebels are accusing the army of surrounding their fighters

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