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09-27 Zero-gravity surgery 'a success' France
2. 09-27 Bosnia Serb jailed for war crimes UN Tribunal
3. 09-27 77 bodies found in Baghdad this week Baghdad
4. 09-27 Democrats seek full terror report U.S. Senate
5. 09-27 School siege ends in bloodshed Colorado
G. 09-27 Ahmadinejad defiant at Iran-EU talks Belgium
7. 09-27 Saudis to fence to block Iraq's terrorists Saudi Arabia
I. 09-27 Bush refuses to release full terror report White House, Washington
J. 09-27 Organ sales 'thriving' in China China


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Morning News

Sep.27   France   Zero-gravity surgery 'a success'  Doctors have carried out an operation on a human under weightless conditions in an adapted aircraft

  UN Tribunal   Bosnia Serb jailed for war crimes  Momcilo Krajisnik accused of being one of the architects of ethnic cleansing has been jailed for 27 years

  Baghdad 77 bodies found in Baghdad this week  Police discovered 17 unidentified bodies in the past 24 hours. The bodies bore signs of torture

  U.S. Senate Democrats seek full terror report  Senators Democrats said parts of the report declassified on did not give Americans enough information

Day News

  Colorado   School siege ends in bloodshed   A gunman has died and a teen girl has been critically injured after police stormed Platte Canyon High School

  Belgium     Ahmadinejad defiant at Iran-EU talks  Iran's president vowed not to give up the right to nuclear technology

  Saudi Arabia Saudis to fence to block Iraq's terrorists  Saudi Arabia plans to build a fence along its entire 560-mile border with Iraq, which will up to 6 years to complete

  Washington Bush refuses to release full terror report  The White House refused to release the rest of a secret intelligence assessment that depicts a growing threat

  China Organ sales 'thriving' in China  Organs from executed prisoners are sold to foreigners who need transplants

Evening News

  Washington     Bush meets with anti-terror allies
  U.S. President appealed Karzai and Musharraf to put aside their increasingly public differences

  Zambia Polls open in elections  The voters are electing a president from 5 candidates, members of parliament and local councillors

  Argentina Mass rally for 'dirty war' witness  Thousands of people led by human rights activists are appealing for the return of a witness missing for a week

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