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Politics Main Event: Bulgaria, Romania for E...
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09-26 Bulgaria, Romania for EU on Jan. 1 European Union
2. 09-26 It's hard to let go, admits Blair London
D. 09-26 Hussein again ejected from trial Baghdad
E. 09-26 'Million bomblets' in S Lebanon Southern Lebanon
F. 09-26 Iraq war fuels terror - US report Washington
6. 09-26 Bush talks with Karzai Washington
7. 09-26 U.N. may be part of Darfur compromise UN
I. 09-26 Rampant Madrid hit five past Kiev Bernabeu, Madrid


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Morning News

Sep.26   European Union     Bulgaria, Romania for EU on Jan. 1
  A report is recommending to the European Union that they accept the two poorer Balkan nations

  London     It's hard to let go, admits Blair
  Tony Blair used his last Labour conference speech to urge the party to unite and win a fourth term

  Baghdad     Hussein again ejected from trial  For the third time in a week, former Iraqi leader was ejected from the courtroom for disrupting his genocide trial

  Japan New Japan PM vows strong China ties  Nationalist Shinzo Abe, 52, has vowed to press ahead with economic reforms, and to improve relations with China

  Southern Lebanon 'Million bomblets' in S Lebanon  UN: Up to a million cluster bomblets discharged by Israel remain unexploded

Day News

  Washington   Iraq war fuels terror - US report
  Declassified parts of a report: The Iraq conflict has become a 'cause celebre' for Islamic militants worldwide

  Washington     Bush talks with Karzai  U.S. President rejects that the tension between Pakistan and Afghanistan is undermining the hunt for bin Laden

  UN U.N. may be part of Darfur compromise  The U.N. and Sudan are discussing the deployment of U.N. military advisers to reinforce the African Union mission

  Madrid Rampant Madrid hit five past Kiev  Real got their Champions League campaign moving with a 5-1 drubbing of a ragged Dynamo at the Bernabeu

  Florida Colombian drug lords jailed  2 brothers who led infamous Cali drug cartel have each been sentenced to 30 years in US jails

Evening News

  Mexico Locust plague encircles Cancun resort  Traveling in dark fogs, clouds of locusts are destroying corn crops and worrying officials

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